How Do You Handle Falling In Love With A Friend?

It happens all the time.  You are good friends with a person; you hang out with them all the time, and gradually you realize that you are falling in love with them. What do you do? How do you handle falling in love with a friend? Will it ruin the friendship? These are common questions that everyone must answer. You can’t help falling in love with people. It happens naturally of its own accord. If you were friends first, it just means that the two of you are compatible. But friendships can be hard to come by. So is it worth the risk?

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Is Friendship A Good Foundation for Love?

The best relationships are those that start out as a friendship. It is much different from a relationship that started out with infatuation and desire. If the two of you can get together, have enough in common that you can talk and know what the other is thinking, friendship is a good foundation for love.

What Will Falling In Love With A Friend Change?

If you’re wondering “What Will Falling In Love With A Friend Change?” there’s no easy answer but there are things you should consider. You have to realize what you are risking if you try to get closer to a friend. You are risking the friendship itself and the possibility of losing someone that you really care about because of your feelings. The friend that you are falling in love with may not feel the same way about you and by confessing your feelings of love, it may create an awkward situation. Simply put, you could lose a friend. So before you go and confront this person and jeopardize everything, make sure that your feelings are genuine.

Where Should I Get Advice About Love and Friendship?

falling-love-friendWhen considering how to handle falling in love with a friend, you might want to

seek outside advice
. Strong emotions can really jumble up your thoughts so that you can’t think straight. If you think you are falling in love with your friend and don’t know how to proceed, talk to someone about it. Your friends are, of course, your first and best option. If your friends know you and this other person well enough, they can give you advice that is in your best interests. The drawback to asking your friends is that they might blab to the person that you are falling in love with. This can be good and bad. It can be good because you can go through a third party and find out how the other person feels. The bad is that you may not be ready to let the other person know how you feel. A friend may also have additional suggestions to help you answer “Where should I get advice about love and friendship?”.

Another source for advice would be your parents. They have the benefit of more experience over you and your friends and they can give you advice that may or may not be what you want to hear but will be what is best for you in the long run.

How Do I Tell A Friend I’m Falling In Love With Them?

This is the hard part about falling in love with your friend. How do I tell a friend I’m falling in love with them? For that matter, should I tell them? If by now you have analyzed your feelings and gotten advice, it is time to make the decision. You can choose to not tell them and try to go on as things are. This could work, at least for awhile, as long as you can control your feelings. Or the pressure could just build up as you delay the inevitable.

Assuming you decide to tell your friend that you are falling in love with them, honesty and being straight-forward is always best. Get together with your friend, just the two of you, and go somewhere private. Don’t make your big confession in front of all of your friends in the middle of a party. Start out by telling them how much you value your friendship together but that recently you have started to have deeper feelings for them. Tell them that because of who they are, you couldn’t help falling in love with them. Then ask them if they feel the same way about you. Also be sure to tell them that you value their friendship and that you don’t want to jeopardize it. Most importantly, try not to babble. Give your friend time to respond and listen to what they have to say.

What If Your Friend Loves Someone Else?

Real life is not like the movies. You can’t expect to get the guy just because the audience is rooting for you. Sometimes that other person is already in another relationship and there is nothing you can do about it. If your friend is in a
good relationship with a person that loves and respects them, then what kind of friend are you if you try to break them up for your own selfish needs? You are supposed to be their friend, remember? So what if your friend loves someone else? Our advice is that you should continue to support your friend and admire them from the sidelines. However, if the relationship goes sour, you will be in a prime spot to jump in.

Can You Still Be Friends After You’ve Fallen In Love?

That is the whole trick. Can you still be friends after you’ve fallen in love? It depends entirely on you and the strength of the friendship. Sometimes people cannot handle the awkwardness and the friendship dissolves. Other people who can manage to get past the confession still manage to be friends. Remaining friends after a failed confession of love is one of the most mature things you can do in your life. Don’t throw away your friendship if you can help it. Try to come to terms with your feelings and hopefully your friend will consider them a complement. After all, a true friend is hard to come by.

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