How to Attract Guys

How to Attract Guys

You can spend a ton of time and money trying to “perfect” yourself to attract guys. Expensive clothes, beauty treatments, not to mention cover charges at bars and clubs–it adds up.

The good news is, you don’t have to get breast implants or constantly wax away unsightly body hair or do any of the other nonsense recommended by teen magazines. Attracting guys is very simple, and there’s only one “rule.”

The One Rule You Need to Know to Attract Guys

Believe it or not, there’s just one thing you need to do to get men to go ga-ga for you. Write this one down–Make the first move.

How to Attract Guys

You could spend a lot of time reading Cosmo and trying to ape their idea of the “perfect woman,” but you’ll be wasting your time. And while we’re not saying that the only thing guys look for in a girl is a girl who makes the first move. But if you want to make a simple change in your life that draws guys to you like flies to honey, learn to make the first move.

Why Does Making the First Move Work So Well?

Most women believe that they are not attractive and that looks are everything. They are told this lie day in and day out through fashion magazines, commercial ads, television and Hollywood bodies, and pornography. It is a proven fact that women who live in areas where there is no television, women who are exposed to fewer media sources, are far more positive about their body and their ability to attract men.

The truth is that women can attract guys by learning two simple things. Number one–you are beautiful. Number two–looks don’t matter anyway.

Women who are confident are sexy. Women who make the first move are confident. Thus, with simple mathematics, we can prove that women who make the first move are sexy.

Looks Don’t Matter?

Think of your own preferences for a romantic partner. Sure, we all share an idealized form of beauty–rock hard abs, a symmetrical face, perfect teeth, soft hair. Whatever your personal image of a “hot guy” is, you know that it is just that, an “ideal.” No man could ever perfectly match your idea of what a “hot guy” is, but  given the right circumstances, almost any man can be elevated to that “hot guy” status.

Here’s a simple example–you go to a movie with a guy. The movie stars Brad Pitt. Your date looks nothing like Brad Pitt, but as you’re watching Mr. Pitt on the big screen, the guy nexts to you suddenly becomes a lot hotter. This is called Transference, and is the magical power that guys use to their advantage. Why do you think your date elected to watch a movie starring Brad Pitt anyway?

The same works for men. Men have an “ideal beauty” in their heads as well. Big-breasted, blond, green-eyed, fair-skinned Veronica in his head probably doesn’t exist, and if she did she probably wouldn’t want to date him. But, if he sees a beautiful woman and he’s holding your hand, you become beautiful by association. It really does work this way.

What matters most in a relationship, even early in the relationship, is basic compatibility. Since you can’t possibly impact how compatible you are with someone, you don’t need to worry about that either. Just relax, have fun, and (if you feel moved) make the first move on him. Works like a charm.

How to Make the First Move

Guys have been making the first move for generations, so for them it is really just a matter of getting up the courage and doing it. While some women have been known to make the first move, most of us have no idea how it works. Not only do we have to work up the courage, but we are most likely jumping into completely unfamiliar territory. Here’s how its done:

1. Build Confidence

After a few minutes on a date, it is obvious if the two of you are having fun. Realistically, you can tell after just a few seconds if you want to kiss a guy. When you get this feeling, tell yourself exactly what you’re going to do. In your head. It should sound something like this: “I am going to put my hand on the back of his head and kiss his lips.” This simple affirmation can jumpstart your courage.

2. Make Eye Contact

We talk with our eyes more than with our mouths, especially early in relationships. If you try to make a move on a guy without first making eye contact, you’re robbing yourself of one of your most effective tools. Eye contact establishes that “something is going on,” and it will make the experience more memorable.

3. Go For It

Move in and kiss the guy on his lips. Touching is important during a bold first physical move, so touch his chest, the side of his face, his ears, or the back of his head.

Becoming a Confident Woman

After your first few attempts at making the first move, you’ll find your confidence stays high. You’ll no longer have to give yourself the “pep talk” before making the first move.

This is the beauty of being bold. After the first few times you pull this off, your entire outward appearance changes. Men cal tell aggressive, “make the first move” type of women from the rest, and they’ll be drawn to your new energy.

Attracting guys really is this easy. Use their tactics against them, and watch the guys flock to you.

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