How To Plan a Romantic Dinner for Two

Whether you are looking to spice up your current relationship or solidify a newly forming romantic courtship, knowing how to plan a romantic dinner for two can help you. It does not have to be complicated or even expensive. The key to planning a successful dinner is knowing your mate and planning accordingly.

Eating Out

Some people like to get away for dinner and try out a new restaurant. If you are taking this route, be sure to talk to some people who have actually eaten there before. Otherwise you may go through the trouble of planning your date and ending up at a place that is disappointing. There are many online resources available to help you find the right restaurant. Sites like 10 best offer the top ten restaurants in your area with user reviews. Yahoo Local also has similar reviews for you to check out.

It is nice to hire a limo on such a special occasion, if you can afford it. At the very least, rent a nice car for the evening to show your date how special he or she is. Plan an activity for after dinner like a romantic stroll through a local park. Take advantage of whatever special places your area has to offer. This is the best time to relate your feelings of affection to your mate. Take the time to talk about your relationship and plans for the future. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to share your feelings with the one you love.

After your walk, ask your date in if appropriate. Have some wind and fruit waiting along with mood lighting and soft music. A flower arrangement is also excellent for setting a romantic mood. Spend some intimate time together on the sofa, or better yet, in the bedroom. Make this night one that she will never forget by sharing your feelings and your love.

Eating In


While eating out is the easiest way to plan a romantic dinner for two, eating in also has its appeal. This is especially good when you have a tight budget but want to really impress your love. Cooking for someone is a nurturing activity that shows you care. It is best to plan a simple no-fail meal to ensure all goes well. The perfect menu may be a simple vegetable quiche with fruit and wine. Whatever you choose, pay attention to your date’s tastes and show him or her you have been paying attention to what they like.

You can create a sense of excitement and anticipation by sending a little note with flowers to your date, inviting them to dinner. A written invitation will create more excitement than a phone call. You can even send the invitation by email, but be sure to ask for a read receipt so you know your date received the invitation. Be creative and mention that this is a romantic dinner for two. Leave the details to his or her imagination but be sure to tell him or her to dress up. Your love will arrive excited and anticipating the pleasures to come.

The Meal

Prepare five items that need very little fuss. An easy-to-prepare appetizer might include Italian bread with dipping oil or stuffed mushrooms. However, try to avoid cooking with garlic on a romantic evening. Nothing is worse than bad breath in an intimate setting!

Make a raspberry vinaigrette salad with dried cranberries and walnuts. Cook a vegetable quiche with asparagus, tomatoes and basil. Prepare some sour dough dinner rolls or rice pilaf to accompany the quiche. Have some strawberries dipped in chocolate ready for desert. Just be sure to try out the recipes ahead of time to be sure you can pull it off on the big night. Keep portions small since a full stomach can make you sleepy and put a damper on the evening.

Also be sure to brew a top quality coffee for your date if that is what she likes. Coffee is excellent for stimulating conversation and extending the date into a night together. Tea is a good alternative if your date does not like coffee. Have wine or her favorite alcoholic beverage available. Alcohol lightens the mood and helps you both loosen up enough to talk about your deepest feelings.

The Table

Set the table with linens and use cloth napkins. Do not forget the candles. Spend the extra money for some hand crafted candles and place them in crystal holders. She will be able to tell that you went all out. Use your best dishes. If you have nothing suitable, go out and get it.


When eating in, mood is everything. You will want the lighting to be low. Small white Christmas lights strung about the room are a nice touch. Candles here and there are good as well, but do not over do it. A fire would certainly spoil any romantic mood that you may be creating.

In the winter, light the fireplace for a romantic glow. Consider eating picnic style in front of the fireplace instead of at the table. Throw down a thick, soft blanket and a few pillows. This informal setting is perfect for sharing feelings and food.


Take some time to think in advance about some fun conversational topics for your date. Not every moment can be serious and heartfelt. Try to have some fun and be flirtatious. Ask your date to tell you something new that they have never told anyone. Offer something of the same yourself. Deepen your connection by finding out new things about each other.


Music is another important aspect. You simply cannot go wrong with Barry White. Choose soft music that appeals to your mate. If you know she likes classical, be sure have it easily available to offer. Don’t forget to turn off the phone and any other device that might interrupt your time together. By taking the time to attend to every little detail, you will be showing your date how much you care.