14 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

It comes a time when every sex life relationship needs a little shaking up. Sex in a relationship is not always easy. There are many kinds of emotional barriers hinder good sex life, ranging from boredom to poor body image. It takes an entire book to discuss all things that come in the way of creating intimacy. Rather than going that, direction let us go right to some solutions from sexuality expert such Luanne Cole Weston, a certified sex therapist and resident expert. Michael Castleman, the author of Great Sex: A Man’s Guide to the Secret Principles of Total-Body Sex, and The Passion Prescription author and a sex therapist Laura Berman. If you are ready to light your fire again, these moves will get you beyond your plain sex life and reconnect you with happier sex life.


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1. Make dates

Making a date for sex should not be an afterthought and Weston and Castleman agree firmly that couples that have been in relationship for quite some time may spice their sex life by planning time for sex. Castleman advises that a couple should do whatever they would like to do beforehand, may it be going to dinner or a movie, taking a walk, or having a glass of wine by candlelight. The most important thing is setting that time. Some people might cry that scheduling is unromantic and that sex is supposed to be spontaneous, but Castleman give a blunt response “grow up!” people do make plans for other things they enjoy like dinners out or ski trips, why not sex?

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