What Are Singles Cruises?

Cruise ships are often populated with happy couples celebrating their honeymoon, an important anniversary, or just enjoying a vacation away from land, taking in all that the ocean has to offer. It can be difficult for someone without a romantic partner to relax and enjoy their cruise, what with all the romance, hand holding, and pairing off that goes down. In fact, it would be easy to become bitter as a single person on a cruise ship — “Everyone else has a lover, why don’t I?”

If you’re not in a relationship and love the idea of going on an ocean cruise, consider taking a singles cruise. There are more and more cruises aimed at singles every year, meaning your options for cruise destinations, activities, and ports of call are nearly endless.

Going On A Singles Cruise

Going on a single cruise is just like any themed cruise — think of a Disney cruise aimed at children and families, or a gambling cruise set up for people who enjoy gaming — a singles cruise is designed with the single person in mind. Generally, single people over the age of 21 will have the best time on a cruise ship, and most singles cruises are limited to adults of drinking age and older. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a singles cruise if you couldn’t sit at the bar and mingle.

Single Cruise Activities

On a singles cruise, the cruise directors go out of their way to provide activities that will be interesting to singles and will give you the most opportunities to meet new people. You’ll get to participate3 in single cruise activities without worrying about if someone is married or involved in a relationship, meeting and greeting potential romantic interests is easier and takes place in a more relaxed environment. You will usually find multiple private and public singles “meet and greet” type events, where food and drinks are set out, music will be playing, and hundreds of singles just like yourself are waiting to meet. Cocktail mixers are a cruise ship stand-by, and a singles cruise will host many of these, naturally. You can also expect to attend “lectures” on topics like “How to meet the perfect man” or “What to say on your first date”. Theme parties and costume parties are a common icebreaker on singles cruises, as hiding behind a mask or a costume allows you a great degree of freedom — think of the romantic first meeting of Romeo and Juliet at a masquerade ball.


An interesting feature of the singles cruise is the pre-cruise activities. Starting about two months before your cruise, it is common for a cruise ship company to operate a message board online where you can “meet up” with other cruise attendees beforehand. For those of you that don’t want to walk onto the ship knowing exactly no one, this message board (open only to people attending your specific cruise) is a great way to get a jump start on making new friendships. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to arrive at the city where you’ll be departing a few days early (normally with a discounted hotel rate) to meet up with other cruise ship patrons, have dinner, and maybe spark some early romance. All of these activities have grown out of the singles cruise industry — cruise directors have found that these activities work to loosen up their cruise patrons, and pre-cruise meetings and message boards have become something of a standard.

A sampling of some actual upcoming singles cruises may help you decide if this is your kind of scene. Carnival Fun Ships seem to offer the most number of exclusive singles cruises, ranging from 3 night weekend getaways to the Bahamas all the way up to 14 day adventures in the Mediterranean. Upcoming cruises depart from Ft. Lauderdale (with stops in Cuba, Jamaica, and Mexico), Miami (stopping in Puerto Rico, St. John, and St. Thomas), and even New York City (with stops in the beautiful Turks and Caicos). There is more to a single’s cruise than bars and mixers — with stops at beautiful tropical locations, you’re free to explore exotic beaches, shop duty free in locations like Belize and Costa Rica, and take part in water adventures like Windsurfing and Kayaking.

Amenities In A Singles Cruise

Unless otherwise noted in the cruise contract, you will most likely be charged an additional fee for the singles services. While the standard amenities in a singles cruise will be provided, you should check with the cruise company to see if you will be paying for your food and drink (this differs from cruise to cruise and from ship to ship) or any other amenities you may need along the way. Also, unless you specify that you want a single room (and pay for the privelege), you will most likely be paired up with a single person of the same gender for the duration of the cruise. Luckily, some of the better amenities in a singles cruise offer some kind of “roommate matching” service, so that you don’t end up with someone you can’t stand.

The typical age range for singles cruises is between 30 and 50 — this may be due to the cost of a cruise, as singles in their 20s most likely can’t afford such a vacation. However, there will always be a variety of ages present on any cruise, and if you’re concerned about the age group on the cruise of your choice, simply ask the cruise organizer, and he or she can fill you in or direct you to a better option for your age.

If you’re interested in same sex relationships, there are gay and lesbian cruises offered, though your options will be more limited that heterosexual singles cruises. Again, talk to the cruise organizer for more information and to find the option that’s best for you.

If you’re single and in the market for a unique vacation, consider taking a singles cruise. These cruises are specifically aimed at groups of unmarried people looking to make friends or find a lasting love connection. Don’t forget about the singles-specific events and activities, the games, speed dating events, dance lessons, and parties you’ll attend while on the cruise — all designed for singles. Who knows — you may meet the partner of your dreams on the high seas.

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