What Are Some Good Outdoor Activities For Couples?

It is well known that a certain amount of sunshine is healthy for all living things. Exposure to the sun combats depression and even helps our body produce vital nutrients — your skin cells turn ultraviolet rays into Vitamin D. Besides this chemical benefit, most people appreciate the color that comes to your skin from sun exposure. Too much can be bad, but a slight bronzing is a healthy and attractive look — a nice side benefit if you ask me.

Good Outdoor Activities For Couples

Too often, couples find themselves in a routine when they’re together. The old “dinner and a movie” date is tried and true, but venturing out into nature can break you and your partner’s routine, as well as provide a health benefit.

Road Trip As An Outdoor Activity For Couples

You may not think of a road trip as an “outdoor” activity for couples, but with a few small modifications, you can enjoy nature and the open road from the comfort of your car, and you can enjoy it with the one you love. When planning your roadtrip, consider taking “scenic routes” or roads that go off the beaten path. You may drive by a field of wildflowers, and if it is legal in your state, stop to walk around in them, appreciating their beauty and making your own absolutely free floral arrangement. The convenience of your nearby car means that boredom or a disturbed bee hive won’t get in the way of your fun — just jump back in the car and hit the highway. With the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair, driving a back road can seem like an outdoor adventure, especially if you schedule in plenty of outdoor activities for couples on the way. America is the country of highways, and there’s always something new to explore.

Camping Outdoor For Couples


Of course the ultimate “outdoor activity” for couples would be a camping trip. Most areas of the country are festooned with areas set aside for fire building, tents, fishing, hiking, and all manner of camping activities for couples. Most of these campgrounds charge a minimal fee (if they charge at all) and if you and your partner are not exactly outdoors-y types, you are sure to find a ‘campground’ with modern conveniences like indoor showers, well stocked general stores, and even relatively luxurious cabins for rent. Camping gets you and your partner in the open country, generally away from other people, in a setting that just demands romance. Imagine setting up a tent on the shore of a lake, lighting a fire and crawling into a sleeping bag with your love. Watching the sunset is an almost unavoidable ceremony when camping in the woods, and simply soaking in the sights and sounds of nature will take up most of your camping time. Of course, you can schedule trips “into town” during your camping experience if one of you just can’t go a weekend without antiquing or eating at a restaurant with a table cloth.

Star Watching As An Activity For Couples

Whether you live in a rural area or the inner city, you’re never far from a great spot for star gazing. You will be amazed by the number and quality of stars you can see just a few miles away from civilization — and sometimes you can see special celestial events, such as a meteor shower, a comet, or the appearance of certain nearby planets. An impossibly romantic activity, star gazing will almost certainly lead to physical closeness, especially if there’s a chill in the air and you pack a comfy blanket on your trip. Consider naming a star after your lover and pointing it out, “gifting” the star in a sense. Pair the experience with a picnic dinner and a bottle of sparkling wine, and you have a date that your partner will not soon forget. Star gazing may be a cliche romantic activity, but remember that all cliches exist for a reason.

Local Activities For Couples

Finally, take advantage of the unique geographical features in your area. Maybe you live within a day’s drive of a beach — pack a couple of buckets and spades and spend the afternoon building intricate castles, walking on the beach with your shoes off, tossing a frisbee, or just sunning your skin on the coast. If you’re lucky enough to live near snowy mountains, skiing and snowboarding are outdoor activities for couples with the added benefit of getting your adrenaline pumping, and once you and your lover have all that excitement coursing through your veins, its a short trip to the bedroom. Even stereotypically ‘boring’ areas of the country can be adapted into romantic outdoor activities for couples. If you live near a farm or a winery, try to schedule a walking tour. At very least, your partner will appreciate the attempt at romance, and you may learn something you never knew.

The point of these examples is that you can make a romantic outdoor activity out of just about any experience that doesn’t take place under a roof. The two of you will benefit from the fresh air, sunshine, and closeness that comes from hanging out together out of doors, and this kind of date will break the monotony of the same old bar, same old club situation. Be creative, and remember to take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your lover.

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