What Are Some Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Relationships are not all about physical love. In fact, communication is widely accepted to be the key to a long lasting and healthy relationship. The best way to let someone know how you feel is to simply say how you feel. Though many of us feel as though we don’t have the words to express such emotions, this is a hangup we’ll just have to get over if we want to talk to our partner about our emotions. Simply saying “words can’t express how I feel about you” won’t work more than about once.

What are some sweet things to say to a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Here are ten guidelines to sweet talk – these are ten tried and true categories of vocal flirting with some suggestions to make them personal or more meaningful.

1. Use a cute nickname in everyday conversation with your lover

It may seem cheesy to you, but using nicknames with one another implies familiarity and a level of comfort that is incredibly good for a relationship. Your nickname can be something generic, like “sweety” or “baby”, or a name based on an inside joke that only the two of you share. Its also good to mix up your nicknames, as it is possible to desensitize your partner to a specific nickname, or just plain drive them crazy. Try to stay away from names that might be hurtful, or names that point out a flaw that a partner might be sensitive about.

2. Say how happy you are to be around your boyfriend or girlfriend


Reminding a lover that you are glad to be with them is a can’t miss technique for expressing your feelings. Too often we forget the simple pleasures of just being with another – or maybe your partner thinks you are getting bored with the relationship. Sometimes all it takes to assuage this kind of fear is a reminder of how you really feel. You can simpy say “I’m so happy to be with you today”, or “I love the time we spend together”, and no doubt it will be appreciated. This is another flirting technique that can be overdone, like the nickname, so use this line sparingly.

3. Talk about how you met and why it was special

The more specific you are the better when remembering your first date, your first meeting, and why that was a special time in your life. My girlfriend and I often talk about how we were supposed to go to a concert put on by a band we both love, and met before the show for a couple of drinks. We ended up talking all night and completely forgetting about the concert. This is a simple and sweet story that we share, and not only does it remind us of how much we’re attracted to each other, but it puts a smile on our faces and can let other people know what kind of couple we are.

4. Tell your lover how much they mean to you

Another category that requires specificity. Simply saying “You mean so much to me” won’t be enough. Get to the heart of your feelings and tell your partner what qualities they have that make your relationship truly meaningful. It can be something as simple as the silly jokes you tell one another that take the edge off a bad day, or something as deep as the special bond you feel with him or her. There’s never a bad time to remind a lover how meaningful your relationship is.

5. Tell your partner how beautiful you think they are

As with most of the categories on this list, mention individual and targeted things about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s physical appearance that you like. It may be best to steer clear of the typical “You have a great butt” or “You have nice eyes” in favor of more unique compliments. Talk about how your girlfriend’s butt looks in her jeans, or how your boyfriend’s eyes make him look kind of thoughtful. You know your partner best . . . tailor your compliment to their personality.

6. Talk about much you love cuddling or being physical with your partner

This one’s easy. While you’re enjoying a moment of closeness together, talk about how special it makes you feel to be held, or to put your arms around your partner. This will emphasize the moment, and make it more memorable. An added bonus – your partner won’t think you’re all about physical love, and will appreciate your kindness and sincerity.

7. Describe how much you like your lovers voice

Maybe your boyfriend’s voice really gets you “in the mood”, or your girlfriend has the cutest giggle that you just love to elicit. Tell your partner exactly what it is about their voice or their laugh that drives you wild, and you’re likely to hear even more of it in the future.

8. Tell your partner how perfect a couple you two make

To ensure your relationship will last, make sure your partner knows that you feel like something close to “the perfect couple”. You can go too far with this one, as everyone knows that perfection is a dangerous and impossible goal, but you can mention details about your partnership that make it work so well.

9. Say that you love your partner’s smile

A smile is an intimate thing to share with someone, especially when you find yourselves “smiling into each other’s eyes”. Reward your lover’s smile with a nice compliment about the shape of his or her mouth, or a comment on how that smile makes you feel inside, and you will reinforce the importance of facial flirting in your partnership.

10. Say a simple “I love you” every day

This one’s self explanatory. Remind your partner of your love at least once a day, and mean it.

Remember that being unique and honest is the most important. It is necessary to express your love simply – the classic “I love you” – but it is just as necessary to specify and quantify this love. The more creative you are, the better the payoff for your compliment or comment.

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