What Are Some Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a daunting holiday for most people. Everyone wants to have a “Valentine” – someone to share this special romantic holiday with. At the same time, Valentine’s Day is a dread worthy pressure filled day of expectations and heightened emotion. It is easy to make plans for Valentine’s Day that are either too over the top or a big disappointment.

What are some ways to celebrate Valentines Day?

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account. Many men and women dread February 14th because they feel like they have to act like romance robots, handing over candy and flowers or expensive gifts just because the calendar says so. Sometimes sharing an inexpensive romantic moment means more than spending your hard earned cash on lingerie your girlfriend will wear once and then bury in the back of her closet.

  1. Make breakfast for your partner and serve it to them in bed. The classic “breakfast in bed” routine will set a gentle romantic tone for the day, and can be done relatively inexpensively, using items you already have in the kitchen.
  2. Copy a famous love poem onto your lover’s mirror so that when they wake up and head to the bathroom, they’ll be reminded how you feel. Consider a selection from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, or even compose your own diatribe. Just remember to write it in something that’s easily washable, and take the initiative to clean it off yourself when the time comes.
  3. Surprise your date at work on their lunch hour with a simple picnic lunch and a collection of flowers – avoid roses, as they’ve become quite cliché on Valentine’s day. A selection of cheeses, some bread and fruit, and sparkling flavored water make a light and healthy lunch that won’t break your budget.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dates


If you (or your lover) is the old fashioned type who expects high romance on St. Valentine’s Day, ignoring the day or trying to celebrate it on the cheap could be disastrous for your relationship. You don’t want resentment to crop up later. A few ideas for a romantic Valentine’s date:

  1. Consider cooking a meal that the two of you can share full of various aphrodisiacs. Some foods considered to be aphrodisiacs are oysters (which increase testosterone production in men and are visually suggestive), pumpkin (for some reason the scent of pumpkin is the biggest “turn on” scent for both men and women), chocolate (which contains theobromide, a chemical that is both a stimulant and an aphrodisiac), truffles (the fungus, not the chocolate concoction), and asparagus. Let your lover know the exact nature of these special ingredients to plant the romantic seed.
  2. To get out of your everyday routine, you can take your date to a bed and breakfast for a quick getaway. Chances are, there’s one near enough to your home that traveling time would be minimal. Check out BnBFinder.com to make your search easier – they have the largest searchable database of bed and breakfast locations as well as reviews and detailed info on bed and breakfast hotels.
  3. There is nothing more romantic than a classic opera or piece of musical theatre. Even if you and your date are not normally fans of live theatrical performances, spending one night out of the year in an unfamiliar and romantic setting will spark romance. Look for operas with love themes – you shouldn’t have trouble, as this type of performance is normally put on by theatre companies around Valentine’s Day. The opera La Boheme is a classic love story, but just about any musical will do – from West Side Story to Rent, love and romance is a major theme in theatre.
  4. If you really want to go all out, plan ahead and set up a romantic getaway to the islands. Valentine’s day comes in the middle of the winter, and most areas of the US will be shrouded in snow and ice – the perfect time to take your date to a tropical location. Contact a travel agent and inquire about Valentine’s Day getaway specials – February is the “off” season for resorts and hotels in the Caribbean, and these locations almost all offer specials during the month of February, many even offer specific Valentine’s Day packages filled with champagne toasts, dinners at the beach, helicopter rides, and romantic suites. You’ll really surprise your partner when you tell them where you’ll be going for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure they have the ability to take time off, or run the trip by them ahead of time.

Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Many people are Valentine’s Day scrooges – either they have had a negative experience in the past, or they don’t like the commercialism surrounding the holiday. Perhaps you and your partner simply aren’t the “romantic” type. If you still want to honor your relationship, consider these alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations.

  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. It may not seem like the most romantic thing to share with your lover, but that’s just the point isn’t it. Soup kitchens need volunteers year round, and we could all benefit from offering our help free of charge. Your partner will appreciate your charitable nature, and you may find (as others have) that volunteering in a setting like this is actually fun. You and your lover will meet new people, serve your community, and spend time together all at once.
  2. Send “just friends” Valentine’s cards. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and the way I see it there are more kinds of love than just eroticism. Spend the week before Valentine’s Day with your partner making Valentine’s cards for friends and family. Handmade cards will mean more to those who get them, and you and your date will have a good time staying in, cutting out multi colored hearts and writing personalized messages. You can spend the time learning about each other’s friends and family – ask your date who “Uncle Earl” is, and try to explain your weird friend who works at the bakery on the corner. Getting to know each other doesn’t have to mean sharing a bottle of wine at a fancy French bistro.
  3. Make V-Day resolutions. Why should New Years Day have all the fun? If you and your date don’t want to spend the night out on St. Valentine’s Day, you can stay in, have a simple meal, and share that all important relationship talk you’ve been needing to have. During your talk, decide on some things that need to change in your relationship – maybe you need to share more physical intimacy, or need to be more open with one another. Whatever the resolution, promise it to one another, and keep the promise. Your partner will think your “Valentine’s Day Resolutions” idea is creative and thoughtful, and your relationship can only improve.

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