What Are Some Ways To Turn A Woman On? What Are Some Ways To Turn A Guy On?

All people are subject to different factors that determine what will turn them on. Scientists refer to these factors as “biological imperatives” – they can be related to physical appearance, emotions, or even deep seated sexual desires or “fetishes”. It is impossible to know exactly what will turn someone on without a deep understanding of their character and personality, but there are some basic guidelines – based on their gender – to help you in your pursuit of their attraction.

What Are Some Ways To Turn A Woman On?

Not surprisingly, women generally respond to what is known as “mental foreplay” even more than they tend to react to physical touching.

To turn a woman on, you should try psychological arousal combined with the physical touches they love. Activities that initiate emotion, like anxiety, jealousy, a little healthy bit of fear, and of course laughter or a good old fashioned adrenaline rush are all perfect ways to get her mind in the mood. Her body will follow suit. Consider a scary or sad movie, or a trip to the local pet shelter (finding a “no kill” shelter will keep her from moving from compassion to depression) to incite a mental state that will lead you to the bedroom.

Nothing turns a woman off faster than faking emotion. There’s an old cliché that says that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. Sure, this is a little bit too easy of an answer, but there is wisdom to it. If a woman feels genuinely loved and desired, her body will respond. Send her emails “just because” that tell your true feelings, even if it’s a simple “I like your smile” or “I loved that dress you wore the other night”. Give of yourself freely and generously, and your sincere affection will do wonders for creating passion and keeping it alive.


Women and men both want the undivided attention of their lover – but women even more so. Properly set the stage when you are alone together and she will be happy in your arms. Turn off the television, even if it’s a good game or a movie you love, and for God’s sake stop reaching for the cell phone. Give your special moments together the privacy they deserve. This way she’ll feel safe and comfortable – a bonus to this technique is that she’ll feel much more uninhibited. Let the woman set the pace of the physical action, and your attention will be properly rewarded every time.

What Are Some Ways To Turn A Guy On?

Men, it turns out, are not as uncomplicated as popular media would have us believe. It isn’t all about big breasts, full figures, and thick lips – in fact, men are just as complex in their turn ons as women. Here are a few general ideas on what turns men on, besides the obvious “tits and ass”.


Good posture is important in a man’s attraction to a woman. Standing tall says you exercise often, take care of your body, and are confident in the way you look. When a woman is proud of her figure, it makes men take notice as well. Remember that your confidence will inspire our attraction.

Baseball Caps

Men often flaunt their favorite sports teams – I have not one but two ratty Astros hats that proves my allegiance to everyone’s favorite perennial doghouse dwellers. For some reason, we like when women wear ballcaps. For some of us, it is proof that a woman won’t mind curling up on the couch rooting for our new favorite team (read: her favorite team). The ballcap look sends other messages about her personality: she’s “sporty”, comfortable in her own skin, and perhaps the the team she pulls for can reveal a lot about her too. As an Astros fan, I know I’m in for a feisty relationship when I see a Cubs hat. Rivalry in a relationship is healthy, and her loyalty to a cursed ballclub means she’s loyal and has a sense of humor.

Sweet Smelling Hair

It isn’t just visual aspects of a woman that turn men on. Sure, most of us like large breasts and nice figures, but we can be just as turned on by scent. Be creative – all girls have their favorite perfumes and lotions, but there must be something evolutionary in our attraction to good smelling hair. Freshly washed hair on my pillow in the morning is a reminder of why I am attracted to her to begin with – she’s sweet, clean, and more than a little bit sexy.

Simple Undies

Its not always wise to walk into the bedroom in something slinky and silky, or tiny and revealing. The look that makes men comfortable in the boudoir is the classic soft rock video vixen – boy’s boxers with the waistband rolled down and a t-shirt that fits just right, bonus points if its my t-shirt or (drool) an old dress shirt of mine. It is curious that men don’t want constant exposure to sexy lingerie, but it is easier for us to be casual and relaxed when the woman is the same way. Treat your man to a sensual treat you’ll both enjoy – a relaxed set of undies.

Occasional Ditziness

Okay so this one’s not a huge surprise, but it may be important for women to occasionally make a dumb move or two. Why? Well – its true that men like smart women, but there’s a small part of a man’s (already small) brain that wants her to have the occasional brainfart. If she shows us that she may not know everything, it reinforces a feeling inside a man’s head that he is necessary to her life, that she trusts him, and it satisfies a man desire to help. Also, when a woman screws up, it gives us “permission” to blow it every now and then too – really takes the pressure of perfection off.

Sexy Tips & Advice

Men and women can’t be totally pegged based on their gender alone, but the sexy tips & advice above are as close as you can get to across the board turn ons without stereotyping an entire race. Remember that above all it is important to be yourself, as no one wants to pair themselves off with someone fake.

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