What Do All Those Acronyms In Personal Ads Mean?

We’ve all done it — looked through the personal ads in the local newspaper or online, “just to see” what’s out there. There’s no shame in using a personal ad service to seek out a date. Meeting people in a bar or at a club can be frustrating for some people — loud music, drunk people …  it all adds up to  frustration. However, personal ads can frustrate people too. Acronyms — those little codes that people insert in their personal ads to convey who they are and what they’re looking for. You may open up the personal ad pages and see something like “SWJM NK seeks SWJF or SWF NK for LTR WTR”.

Personal Ad Abbreviations

Sometimes browsing through personal ads feels more like cracking the Da Vinci code than looking for a date.

Remember that these abbreviations can appear anywhere in a personal ad, they are most commonly found in the ad’s “headline” — so having an understanding of these terms will save you time and effort when searching through online or print personals for a specific type of person.

  • acronyms-personal-ads
    : This means the ad writer is a marijuana smoker, or into the cannabis lifestyle
  • A: Asian
  • AL: Animal lover
  • AT: “All that” — a slang term that means the owner of the ad thinks they are “the complete package”. Look out for the ego here.
  • B: Black
  • BB: Bodybuilder
  • BBW: Big beautiful woman — meaning an overweight woman. This can also mean Big breasted woman, though if you’re not interested in overweight women, assume it means the first
  • B/D: Bondage / Domination — this person is into alternative sexual roleplaying involving bondage and submission/domination
  • BHM: Big handsome man — the male version of BBW
  • Bi: Bi-Sexual
  • C: Couple — refers to a couple looking for additional sexual partners. Confusingly enough, this can also mean Cute or Christian. Best to use context clues here.
  • CD: Crossdresser
  • D: Divorced
  • D/D Free: Drug and Disease Free — originally found in gay personals, it has made its way into hetero personals as well
  • DL: Downlow — this means the ad writer wants to keep this relationship “on the downlow”, or “private”
  • DTE: Down to Earth — implies a relaxed personality
  • F: Female
  • FA: Fat Acceptance — can mean that the writer of the ad does not mind overweight partners or that they are overweight themselves
  • FS: Financially Secure — also known as Financially Stable. Its easy to mix this one up with SF (see below)
  • FWB: Friend with Benefits — the ad writer is looking for a “friend” they can have sex with, not a boyfriend or long term relationship
  • G: Gay
  • H: Hispanic
  • HWP: Height / Weight Proportional — this implies that the ad writer is “normal sized” or is seeking a “normal sized” person, as opposed to a BBW or BHM
  • I: Indian
  • IPT: Is Partial To — usually comes before a designation like BBW or HF to indicate a preference but not a requirement for dating
  • ISO: In Search Of — can also mean Is Seeking Out — this is a formal way of indicating what type of person the ad writer is interested in
  • J: Jewish
  • K: Kids — can be altered with the addition of an “N” to mean “No Kids” (see NK below)
  • L: Lesbian — this sometimes also means Latino, although to avoid confusion, even Latinos use H for Hispanic
  • LDR: Long Distance Relationship
  • LS: Legally Separated
  • LTR: Long Term Relationship
  • LD: Light Drinker
  • M: Male — unless you are reading personal ads for swingers, in which case it can mean Married
  • ND: Non-Drinker
  • NK: No Kids
  • NM: Not Married or even Never Married
  • NS: Non-Smoker
  • NSA: No Strings Attached — similar to FWB above, the ad writer is looking for sex only
  • P: Professional
  • S: Single
  • Tina: Beware of this one — the ad writer is looking for a partner to use methamphetamine with
  • VGL: “Very good looking” — self explanatory and egotistical
  • W: White or Widowed — the context of the ad will tell you which exactly this stands for
  • WAA: Will Answer All — usually seen as a sign of desperation, this means the ad writer will answer all responses to his or her ad
  • WE: Well endowed — does not only refer to the size of a man’s penis, but can also imply that a woman has large breasts
  • Wi: Widowed
  • WLTM: Would Like To Meet
  • WTR: Willing to Relocate
  • X: Extreme — implies that out of the ordinary sexual exploits are acceptable, or that someone lives an “extreme” lifestyle
  • Y: You (Your)

These are just a few of the thousands of potential personal ad acronyms. If you find one you simply can’t interpret, try seaching online or asking a friend that you trust.

When it is time to write your own ad, the most important thing you should do is to be honest. If you’re married and looking for a secret sexual partner, you can easily notate this information by writing “DL” or “NSA” in your ad. If you’re overweight or strangely proportioned, you’ll only get into an embarrassing situation if you write “VGL” or “AT” in your description. The simplest and most effective personal ads list basic information about your race, your age range, and some very basic likes and dislikes. For example, if you’re a Hispanic male with kids looking for a long term long distance relationship with a white female with no kids, your ad would look something like this — HMK ISO LTLDR WF NK. In fifteen letters, you’ve communicated enough information to narrow the search for those who may be looking for someone like you — or not looking for someone like you. Another benefit to writing this kind of ad is that you save on the cost of the ad. Personal ads, like classified ads, do charge a basic rate, but also charge by number of words or even letters. Use appropriate and honest acronyms to save yourself some money, and your potential partners a lot of time.

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