What does MTD Mean?

By John Clifton

Would you please help me. My girlfriend says she loves me MTD. It’s a heartfelt feeling, and she claims I’ll know when I feel it. But it’s driving me crazy. Do you know what MTD means? Thank you.


Dear Swissmister,

There are any number of meanings for the “MTD” acronym, so you’re going to have to figure out what the likeliest possible meaning of M.T.D. means. I’ll give you the top options and try to work through how these might apply to the concept of “being in love”.

Month To Date – In the business world, MTD almost always stands for “Month to Date”, such as sales month-to-date, profits month-to-date, expenses month-to-date and so on. Unless the two of you have been dating only this month or your girlfriend has a career in the business world, I’m not sure whether the term would apply to being in love with one another. Especially when she tells you that you’ll eventually feel it yourself.

Mentally Transmitted Disease – The top definition for MTD on “Urban Dictionary”, a resource which gives informal definitions to a lot of slang terms, says that the acronym stands for “Mentally Transmitted Disease”. That is, when you come to believe something that others don’t respect, you can be said to have contracted a mentally transmitted disease. The example on UrbanDictionary uses someone going to church as an example, and “getting religion” as a mentally transmitted disease.


In that context, some cynics might consider “falling in love” a kind of mentally transmitted disease between two people. When your girlfriend says you’ll know it when you feel it, she might be saying that you’ll eventually get this same mentally transmitted disease from her. But that interpretation doesn’t fit perfectly the information you’ve given. You might consider this meaning yourself and see whether it fits within the wider context of your relationship. Is your girlfriend the type who might be embarrassed or uncomfortable suggesting she’s fallen in love, or comfortable (as someone with more experience in these matters) telling you that you’ll eventually do the same? If so, this might fit.

Mouth To Dick – Almost as popular a pick on Urban Dictionary is “mouth to dick”, as in “mtd action”. I think you can pretty much figure this one out, so I won’t get too graphic. Once again, if you can fit this into the context of your private conversations and your girlfriend is comfortable with casual vulgarity, it might fit. But I’m thinking it’s about 99% this won’t fit what she’s saying.

Maximum Tolerated Dose – Minimal Toxic Dose – Minimum Tolerated Dose – These terms all come from the medical profession. They simply mean the amount of a drug or medicine you’re allowed to take, according to a physician’s orders. With that in mind, any of these terms might suggest she’s feeling the “maximum tolerated dose” of love, but it doesn’t make much sense in the context of saying you’ll feel it eventually, too.

MySpace Transmitted Disease – This one is also prominent on Urban Dictionary, but doesn’t seem to fit. It’s about a type of girl who likes to be watched on Myspace through her webcam.

So What Does MTD Mean?

There you have it, to the best of my knowledge. None of these fit perfectly, but there’s one or two possibilities. You might consider asking other friends in your circle what “MTD” stands for, in case there’s a local slang term or in-joke that might not be found on the internet. Assuming that doesn’t yield anything, if your girlfriend your girlfriend has whom you know and trust, you might ask her what MTD stands for. This circle of friends might have a texting term between them with its own unique meaning.

Finally, if this mystery is bothering you too much, consider asking your girlfriend sometime what “MTD” stands for. Sometimes, being straightforward is the best idea. Honesty is the best policy and all that. This reminds me of a tv episode I saw once where a guy couldn’t remember the name of a woman he once knew on the street, but he asked her out anyway. They date several times and it’s going great, but he can’t remember her name to save his life. After waiting way too long, she eventually figures out that he doesn’t know her name and walks out on him.

That probably won’t happen to you, but being direct might save you a lot of time and mental energy deciphering your girlfriend’s slang.

Good Luck.

John Clifton

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