Where Can I Meet Other Singles?

So you find yourself single — alone and with no prospects for dating. This is a common problem — some people find that after a divorce they don’t know any single people. Married couples, after all, tend to hang out with other married couples. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new town and don’t know many people. Its also possible that you’ve exhausted the dating pool in your social group and haven’t yet found that perfect match. Its time to move on and meet new singles.

I have so many friends who have recently moved on from long term relationships, and most of them are chasing the same old singles scene — getting drunk at the bar and stumbling home with whoever agrees to talk to them or buy them a drink. When these relationships don’t work out, as is often the case, I hear the same question again and again — “Where can I meet other singles?”.

Eight Good Places To Meet Singles

The possibilities for meeting new people are endless. Here are eight good places to meet singles where you can start looking for like minded singles.

1. Volunteer


Volunteering your time at the charity of your choice serves two purposes. Not only will you be giving back to your community, but you’ll be meeting like minded people, many of whom may be out of a relationship or actively looking for a new one. Soup kitchens, food banks, church sponsored thrift stores, the local YMCA — there are likely dozens and dozens of volunteer opportunities near your home, all of which need service work, and all of which are stocked with people who have at least one thing in common with you.

2. Community theatre

Maybe you’ve always fancied yourself an actor — the local community theatre is always looking for “new blood” to audition for their performances. If acting isn’t in your blood, perhaps you would be interested in building sets or costume design or even helping at their box office. Community theatre groups depend on volunteer work to stay afloat, as they make very little money from ticket sales and can usually afford to pay only a few high ranking members, if any at all. Plus, there are tons of other volunteers at these groups, people of all ages and walks of life who share a common love for the theatre. Working alongside someone, whether it is sawing boards, tearing tickets, or auditioning, is a wonderful and creative way to get to know them without the pressure of “cruising” a bar or restaurant.

3. Wine tastings

Americans are becoming more and more interested in wine, and restaurants are starting to host wine tastings to stir up interest in their wine lists and to make a little money while they’re at it. These events are usually inexpensive, quite casual, and full of people looking to make social connections. Besides the opportunity to taste new and exciting wines, you can meet people who share your love of wine. Think of the wine tasting as a chance to communicate with people you don’t know, but may be interested in knowing, without the pressure of being hit on. After all, wine is a social experience, and who can blame you for striking up a conversation with the attractive person sitting next to you?

4. Book clubs

Check your local libraries and coffee shops for posting on book clubs. These clubs encourage discussion and sharing, a great way to meet new people without feeling like you’re stalking them, and during the discussion of a novel you can learn a lot about a person’s tastes, political leanings, and other personality facets without having to pry. If you’re the intellectual type, you know that most of the people at your book club are right up your alley. Readers almost always get along with other readers.

5. Have a singles party

Though this may sound a bit bold, it can be easy and you can set up a relaxed atmosphere where people don’t feel pressued to “hook up”. The simplest way to throw a singles party would be to get a couple of your single friends or coworkers together, and have each of them invite two people. Those two people can then each invite a couple of people and so on. Sooner than you think, your home (or your friend’s home) will be full of people who haven’t met before, but will certainly be relaxed enough to communicate with another. You could even combine your party with any of the other ideas listed here — consider having a “singles wine tasting” party or a “singles book club” event. Be creative, and try to invite people who you think will get along on some level.

6. Play a sport

Get out in nature and join a sports team at a local park or gym. Not only will your body be healthier for it, but you’re very likely to meet people that you will have at least the love of sports in common with. Most larger cities have soccer tournaments, softballl leagues, volleyball matches, or some sort of sport that is free or cheap to join and a blast to play. Getting all sweaty and worked up around a bunch of like minded singles is a great way to break the ice with them.

7. Go to a high school or college reunion

If you’re like me, you’ve got a school reunion coming up — who knows what has become of your old friends from your school days? That nerdy kid with buck teeth may be an engineer for NASA with a gym membership and a good orthodontist, and he may be looking for a potential mate. At very least, meeting up with old friends will probably lead to forming new social groups — surely your BFF from high school has a couple of single friends that you could be matched up with. You can relive old memories and look for dates all at the same time.

8. Start a new job

While it isn’t always the best idea to form an office romance, starting a new job can kickstart a new life. Perhaps you’ll make more money, perhaps you won’t, but you’re sure to meet new people and make new contacts. Increasing the size of your circle of friends can only increase the likelihood that you’ll meet someone special.

Meeting Other Single People

There are plenty more places for meeting other single people. You can brainstorm based on this handful of ideas and come up with your own — the main idea is to think outside the box. Meeting other single people by going to bars and dance clubs can be grueling, expensive, and a big waste of time — the quality of people you meet at places like this isn’t always the highest. If its time to meet someone new, and if you’re willing to put a little effort into it, meeting singles is as easy as walking out your front door.

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