How to Be a Good Husband

How to Be a Good Husband to Your Wife

“Getting married is a lot like getting into a tub of hot water. After you get used to it, it ain’t so hot.”

Minnie Pearl

Knowing how to be a good husband means knowing what your wife wants. If you want to make your wife happy–either to increase the romance in your relationship or to cool her off after you made a mistake–you need to learn to be a good husband.

So what is a “good husband” anyway? Different people will have different opinions about just what makes a husband good. Generally, you know you’re a good husband if you have a happy wife.

What a Happy Wife Looks Like

How to Be a Good Husband to Your Wife Tips

A happy wife has the freedom to engage in her own hobbies though she shares some interests with her husband.

Speaking of her husband–he is a man with a job that allows them to maintain their lifestyle without taking him away from the home too often. The wife may work, or not, depending on her preference.

A happy wife has a husband who loves her–she is sure that he loves her because he does things to show her his love. A good husband does the little things and the big things needed to maintain his wife’s happiness. A happy husband and wife have a lighthearted and romantic time together.

A happy wife is not the house-cleaner and child-raiser–she shares those chores with her husband. This is not just a verbal contract, but a part of their marriage together, sharing the work of running a home equally between them.

A good husband doesn’t make his wife’s life perfect–but he makes her feel content with her life and her marriage, and the two are optimistic about their future together.

What Does Your Wife Want?

There are five things that most women want out of their husbands. If you can provide these five things, you’ll have a happy wife.

Emotional honesty. This means being “open” about your emotions with your wife. The way you encourage this is to talk all the time. Talk about your job, talk about her job, talk about your friends, your feelings, anything at all she wants to talk about. This emotional honesty makes the two of you a better team, and it makes it easier to share an entire lifetime with your wife.

A strong emotional connection. You can talk all you want and still not have an emotional connection. A good husband and wife team should be more than business partners or good friends–they should make love and share their love as often as possible. Be your wife’s lover, friend, and sounding board as often as she needs.

A good provider. Regardless of how the gender roles work in your house, being part of a marriage means providing at least 50% of the family’s income or doing 50% of the family work. You don’t need to make a million dollars a year, but you should be in a work situation that you’re proud of and be able to supply your family’s needs.

A partner that wants to be happy. Being depressed or mentally unhealthy is a big problem for those who love you, especially your wife who lives with you every day. Improve your mental health–become a happier person, do things you like together, and make sacrifices here and there to keep yourselves mentally healthy and happy.

A partner that shows interest. If you learn the ins and outs of your wife’s needs, emotionally, financially, or otherwise, she will grow closer to you, and learn to trust and love you all the more for it.

How to Be a Good Husband – Tips and Advice

Here’s ten things you can do on a daily basis to make your wife happy and be a good husband.

1. Cook a meal just for you and your wife, no kids allowed. We don’t often get to sit and eat an adult meal (with dessert and wine) without talking about the kids’ school or some other nonsense. Cook your wife’s favorite fancy meal, and surprise her after a long day at work. Don’t forget a babysitter.

2. Be friends with your wife’s family and friends. This shows her that her world is as important to you as it is to her. Be friendly to your wife’s family every day, and your future with her (and her friends and family) will be easier for it.

3. Every day, do one chore around the house. Even if today isn’t “cleaning day”, go ahead and sweep or mop or vacuum something. If you and your wife both do one small thing every day around the house, the work load will shrink remarkably, and you’ll show each other that you’re willing to work together.

4. Pick up your wife’s favorite snack or dessert on the way home from work. Not only does it prove you’re thinking about her while you’re at work, but she gets a sweet treat to share with you.

5. Give your wife a back massage or rub her feet. Physical contact strengthens your love, and she’ll probably do you a favor in return.

6. Pay your wife a new compliment each morning. Don’t just say the thing that pops up first in your head–spend some time thinking about her and what you love about her.

7. Do something fun every day. It can be a simple word game or funny dance to make her laugh, a trip to the driving range or mini golf, or making dinner together with your kids. A house filled with laughter is a house with a happy wife.

8. Kiss your wife first thing every morning.

9. Get into a sports team with your wife. She may think she doesn’t like sports, but I bet there’s a team she can get behind. If you and your wife are both Lakers fans, I can guarantee a few months out of the year of happy husband and wife time watching basketball.

10. Prepare a cup of coffee every morning for your wife before she wakes up. This is a small step that goes a long way toward making a happy wife.

Your actions make you a good husband. It is as simple as this. Do nice things for her all the time, give her what she wants in a husband, and think of her needs before you think of your own. If you can follow that advice, you’ll be the world’s best husband.

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