How to Propose

How to Propose

If a marriage proposal were just a matter of buying a ring, dropping to one knee, and asking the girl of your dreams to marry you, making a proposal would be easy. Unfortunately for you, buddy, you live in the year 2011. That means you have to make a special proposal of marriage–something unique that will knock your girlfriend’s socks off.

Asking a woman for her hand in marriage is one of the most stressful events in a man’s life. You feel pressure to buy the perfect ring, to make the perfect reservation, to look your best, and of course you have to worry about the woman’s answer.

AskDeb has your back. Here’s a quick guide to how to propose.

1. Be Creative

If you think that the perfect proposal or the perfect engagement has to cost you a ton of  money, you’re way off the mark. Unless you’re dating a princess or the daughter of a

How to Propose

captain of industry, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash. The best proposals and engagements don’t cost a ton of money . . . they’re creative.

First and foremost, keep your planned proposal to yourself. The more people you let in on the big secret, the more likely someone is to spill the beans. Surprise proposals are the best, especially if you have something creative in mind.

Creative proposals involve more than eating at a nice restaurant and dropping to one knee at the table. If you and your future fiancee are sports fans, consider asking for her hand at a baseball game. Get the crowd involved, or (better yet) talk to the park employees ahead of time and get your proposal on the Jumbotron.

2. Buy the Right Ring

Again, we’re not talking about the expense of the ring here. Just take care that the ring you buy meets two criteria:

  • She will love it (meaning it fits her style).
  • You love it.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect engagement ring, there’s no shame in purchasing a “placeholder” just so you can pop the question. Trust us–she won’t really be worried about the ring itself if you blow her away with the presentation.

3. Make it Personal

The way you pop the question should reflect your attitudes and identity as a couple. Your girlfriend sees your relationship as something unique, and you should too. Show her that you do by making your engagement unique and indicative of the two of you as a couple.

For example: my brother and his wife are both writers. When he was ready to ask her to marry him, he purchased classified ads at the newspaper she worked at that led her on a “wild goose chase” around the office. When she finally found him, he presented her with roses and gave her a dozen reasons why he wanted to marry her. If you heart didn’t melt just from reading that, I don’t know what to tell you . . .

Asking a woman to marry you is the most important thing you’ll do for quite some time, a keystone in the life of a young man. If you follow the simple advice above, it will be a proposal that you and your future wife will cherish forever.