15 Tips for a Happy Marriage

According to a recent article published by Time magazine, the divorce rate in the United States has been steadily declining for over 20 years. That’s encouraging news for people who are committed to making their marriages defy the ‘mythical’ odds.

Every person who gets married dreams of living ‘happily ever after’. Getting married is one thing, but staying happily married requires consistent effort and commitment.

If you are like most people, you want to know the secrets to a happy marriage. The truth is there are no secrets to anything. There are only actions that lead to positive results – including a happy marriage.

This may sound too simplistic, but a happy marriage is the by-product of friendship, understanding and daily effort. Here are 15 tips that you can use today to create a happy marriage.


Photo by Pixabay

1. Beware of Social Media

Social media is a seemingly harmless tool to share information about every aspect of your life. It is understandable that you want to share your joys and pains with your friends. Whether it’s through Facebook or Twitter, it feels good to have a group of people cheering you on or consoling you.

When it comes to your marriage, you should not provide your social media friends with too many details. This could prove to be disastrous and send your marriage straight to the halls of divorce court.

The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers released a report that states 33 percent of marriage documents mention Facebook or Instagram as contributors to the dissolution of the marriage. Spouses air their dirty laundry on social media, and it causes friction in a marriage that is already hanging on by a thread.

Here is a word of caution. Share only bits and pieces of good information about your marriage. It is not necessary for you to share extensive details about vacations, date nights and family functions. Some things are better left off social media. Your marriage is one of them.

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