1950s’ Halloween Costume Ideas

1950s’ Halloween Costume Ideas

America in the 1950s is thought of as a time of conservative dress and behavior, the “golden age” of American commerce. We had a huge middle class, a vibrant pop culture scene, and the beginnings of both the Cold War and the conflict in Vietnam.

1950s’ Halloween costumes are popular because they’re relatively easy to put together, they’re easy to recognize, and something about the 50s makes us go nuts. Nostalgia for the 50s spiked in the 70s and 80s but is still going strong, judging by the popularity of Halloween costumes based on life in the 50s.

The most common 1950s stereotypes are of the “greaser” with his leather jacket and slicked back hair and his rockabilly girl companion. One version of this classic 50s costume is the two main characters from the 70s movie Grease–Danny and1950s Halloween Costume Ideas

Sandy. Though Sandy wasn’t exactly a greaser girl, you could get away with a pair of high-waisted jeans, a leather jacket, and a scarf alongside Danny’s leather jacket and tattoos.

The 1950s’ “Pinup Girl” look is also popular, especially for adults who don’t mind getting a little risque. Pinup Girls were big in the 50s, a time before the Internet and 24 hour television programming. Posters of attractive young women in skimpy clothing could be found everywhere from garages to teenage boys bedrooms. Bikinis, big hair, and lots of skin were their trademark.

If you don’t mind spending a little cash, there are lots of prefabricated 1950s’ Halloween costumes based on celebrities of the time: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers, and Cary Grant are four popular costume choices because they’re so famous. Costume sets for these celebrities are based on famous roles they played and can be found at Halloween shops and online costume shops.

The Poodle Skirt is probably the most popular example of 1950s fashion. Invented in the early 1950s, the Poodle Skirt was originally called a “circle skirt” for the fact that it is essentially one big circle of fabric with an applique or two. Not all Poodle Skirts were embossed with poodles–drag racers, music notes, and even celebrity’s faces were common additions to the Poodle Skirt. Simple to make with basic fabric and an iron-on logo, a Poodle Skirt is an easy go-to 1950s’ Halloween costume for women.

The 1950s gave us plenty of great costume ideas, from celebrities and TV characters to stereotypes like the greaser. For more ideas on 1950s’ Halloween costumes, check out 50scostumes.net.