Top 5 Reasons You Need a Home Safe

In recent years, bank consolidations and closings have been in abundance. Today, the safest place to keep your valuable belongings is right in your own home. However, with the risk of burglary, fire and water damage, one cannot be carefree about where they store documents, cash, media files, firearms, jewelry and other valuables. To guarantee your belongings, you just can’t rely on a bank anymore, you need a home safe for a few different reasons.

1. Everyone Owns Valuables – You don’t have to be hoarding tons of cash and jewels to need a safe. Everyone has things of value that they would be lost without if something happen and they were gone. This could be an old heirloom, your child’s first tooth or locket of hair or other meaningful items that can never be replaced. Not to mention, mortgage papers, tax returns and insurance documents should all be kept somewhere safe.

2. Insurance Break – Could you use a little break in your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy? Today, most people are searching for ways to minimize expenses from anywhere they can find, a home safe could free up a little spending money for you. Many insurance companies look favorably on a policy holder who has a home safe because they know valuables are tucked away.

3. Safety – Many people have firearms in their home. This may be just one small handgun for an added level of protection or a whole collection of shotguns for hunting. Firearms and ammunition should always be kept locked up. You never know when they can be stolen and if you happen to have children in your home you need to be aware of the high number of unnecessary fatal accidents that occur every year because guns weren’t kept secure. If you have firearms in your home, you should look at the extensive selection of Gardall safes designed for this purpose.

4. Tragedy Can Happen to Anyone – It doesn’t matter how small or large your home is, how often you check batteries in your smoke alarms or the fact that you double bolt your door when you leave, tragedy can strike anyone. Any home can be a victim to a burglary, fire or even flooding, in some areas. Most people, think about buying a safe but don’t realize how much they need one until it’s too late.

5. Peace of Mind – How many times do you think about your belongings being safe when you’re not home? When you wake up from a noise outside does your heart race thinking of where your valuables are in the house if there’s a burglar outside? When you have a home safe, you know your important documents and belongings are locked away so these are never thoughts you need to concern yourself with. You’ll probably find that you actually sleep a little better too.

There isn’t a home or a family that doesn’t need and deserve a home safe. You have things of value that can never be replaced if tragedy strikes and you never get a second chance to rewind time so you can be better prepared.

About the Author; Richard Hoppers and his wife Suzanne live in North Texas. He is well-educated on safes for residential and business use and recommends them due to the high number of bank closings. When Richard isn’t spending time backpacking with friends and family in southwestern Colorado, he devotes his attention to helping others become more aware of why they need a safe for their personal belongings. Visit his site for knowledgeable information pertaining to Gardall and FireKing safes.