How Do You Simplify Your Life?

Does you life seem too complicated? Do you just never seem to have time to get everything done that you want to get done? If that’s the case, it’s time to simplify your life. Simplifying your routine requires a comprehensive reassessment of everything you do all day. Once you figure out all the activities that are cluttering your life, you can start to figure out which part of the clutter should be tidied up and which part can be thrown away.

Guide To Simplifying Your Life

Here’s a guide to simplifying your life and make your week enjoyable again.

1. Make a List of Priorities

Make a list of your priorities. Then make a list of the things that are complicating your life. Compare these two lists and see which topics don’t make both your lists. Keep your most important priorities, even if they are also complications. Get rid of the priorities that are listed lower down the list, if they also make it onto your list of complications. And if you have anything that is a complication that isn’t on your list of priorities, that should be the first activity to eliminate.

2. Rank Your List of Priorities

Figuring out your priorities might be “spending more time with my family”. It might be “making more money and saving for the future”. Whatever these priorities are, make certain to rank these in order of importance. Then choose the priorities that are most important to you and focus on those. If you want to make more money or save money, plan ways you can do this. If you want to spend more time with friends and family, figure out activities you want to share with them.

You might want to get ahead at work, start a business on the side, spend more time with your kids, help out in the community, rejuvenate your love life, get in better shape and take a class that (coming full circle) helps you get ahead at work, but that becomes a pretty complicated life. So figure out a handful of these you consider most important and focus on those. You’ll find that, if you focus on one or two or three essentials, you’ll be much better at those activities than trying to focus on eight.

3. Prioritize For Your Kids, Too


If you have children and they have so many activities that they are complicating your life, you have to consider whether your kids’ lives are too complicated, too. If you analyze and decide that’s the case (you might talk to them about the subject), then simplify your kids’ lives, too. Families that need social planners for all their childrens’ activities probably should simplify.

4. Move Closer to Work

Commuters often complain they spend half their life in a car. If you have a long commute, consider moving closer to your office or workplace. This is easier if you don’t have children, but either way, the drive in to work can take up a lot of your personal time. If you drive an hour a day to work, consider if you cut your time in half. That’s a half-hour into work and a half-hour back home. At the end of the week, that’s five extra hours of time you can spend with your friends and family. At the end of the year (assuming two weeks of vacation), that comes to 250 hours of more time spent with your loved ones.

5. Pay Bills Online

You can set up services that pay your bills online automatically, so you don’t spend extra private time sitting at the kitchen table paying bills. These services give you messages when it’s time to pay your bills. Review the charge or bill, okay the payment and move on with your life.

6. Eliminate Debt

One of the biggest complications in a life is being in debt. If you’re in debt, start to figure out a way to get out of debt. Cut up all but one credit card and start paying off your credit card debt, one bill at a time. When the one bill is paid, start paying off the next one. Prioritize your bills, according to the largest-to-smallest debts, the smallest-to-largest debts or the biggest-interest debts. Pay only the minimum payment on the rest, but pay down the debt on your credit card bills one-by-one.

Eliminating your debt will make your life a whole lot simpler. You and your spouse can simplify your life and simplify your spousal relationship if you don’t have to fight over the bills.

7. Learn How To Say No

Finally, you can simplify your life by learning how to say “no” to loved ones. Throughout the course of your life, friends and loved ones will come to you with ideas for entertainment, business or social activities that sound like great ideas, but end up just eating up your time. You don’t want to disappoint your friends, so you kind of “go along” with whatever new idea they have. Learn to say “no” when you know the plan won’t fit into your new schedule. If you need an explanation why, tell them you’re trying to simplify your life. In other words, blame me when you say no.

How To Simplify Your Life By Limiting Media Time?

Some people find that different forms of media cause distractions that can further complicate their life. Here are some steps you can take to simplify your life by limiting media time.

1. Limit Your Television Time

When you were a kid, if you weren’t doing well in school, your parents may have limited your tv time. They did that to give you more time to study by simplifying your life. It works the same now that you’re an adult. There is probably no greater time waster in your life than television. I’m not saying your should throw your tv out the window. I’m saying you should only watch television when you have something specific to watch. Make out a tv-watching schedule and only turn the tv set on when your selected shows are on. TV is one luxury you won’t miss when it’s not there.

2. Don’t Surf the Internet As Much

If there’s a rival to television as a time-waster, it’s mindless surfing of the internet. In fact, this is one I’m guilty of more than tv watching. You can eat up huge blocks of time just drifting from one website to the other online. The internet can take up as much time as you want it to, and I’ve found this is especially true at taking away time I should be sleeping. Like your tv schedule, set an itinerary for your netsurfing and stick to the schedule. You’ll find huge chunks of time you never thought existed if you stay off the internet.

3. Read Fewer Publications

Those who read two or more newspapers a day should limit their news reading to one newspaper publication per day. Those who have all kinds of magazine subscriptions that never get read should cancel their unwanted magazine subscriptions and only read what is essential or entertaining. Publications stacking up around the home or office make for clutter, and they similarly clutter your life. I’m not saying to stop reading. I’m only saying you make certain you have the time to read everything you have. Otherwise, publications are superfluous.

4. Turn Your Electronic Devices Off Every Now and Then

Don’t be drawn into the cycle of endless phone calls, text messages, emails and instant messages. If most of these aren’t family-related or job-related, cut down on your electronic communications. Otherwise, you’ll be chained to your iPhone or Blackberry. Turn these devices off when you go to eat or go to the movies, or after a certain time every night. If the messages don’t convey information you need to know, just ignore it until you have time.

Ideas For How To Simplify Your Life

The above ideas for how to simplify your life only cover the most common factors that make a person’s life complicated. You’ll probably find problems (bad job, bad marriage) that aren’t addressed, but the formula is the same for simplifying your life. Figure out what is essential and make the essential things better. Then simplify your time on this Earth by eliminating the rest from your life.