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Fun Questions to Ask Anyone

The art of conversation is more about what you get others to say than what you contribute to the conversation.  People love to talk about themselves, and if you have some fun questions to ask in different situations, you’ll be the person known for keeping interesting conversations going in any situation.

Store Winnings for Pennsylvania Powerball

It is true that a store which sells a winning Pennsylvania lottery ticket receives a percentage of the lottery winnings. The percentage received depends on the time of year, the special bonuses that might be offered at any given time and the type of lottery game the prize is won on.

Where Do Eskimos Live?

When most people think of Eskimo, they think of parka-wearing, ice house-dwelling, cold region natives who spend much of their time fishing. This is similar to thinking that Native Americans still live in tepees, wear feathers and loincloths, and hunt buffalo from horseback.

When is Spring Break?

Spring break is the time of year when students from all over the world take advantage of the college break and travel to hot, sunny places for vacation.

Is Absinthe Legal in the U.S.?

Absinthe is legal again in the United States. This is an very recent development, since Absinthe didn’t make its return to the U.S. until 2007. It’s going to cost you to buy a bottle, upwards of about $75 in many cases.

How To Make Your Own Soap?

Soaps in one form or another have been around for centuries. The Greeks and Romans used different materials for cleaning clothes as well as the body. Ancient Egyptians used animal and vegetable oils combined with alkaline salts to produce a soap-like substance.

How Did Mother’s Day Start?

A good way to start a fight is to walk up to someone and insult their mother. If you try it, you’d better be prepared for a serious throwdown. It doesn’t matter if just moments ago that person was talking bad about their mom.

What is 10-10-10?

Advice coloumnist and best selling author Suzy Welch’s new idea is sweeping the nation. Known as “10-10-10”, there is a lot of buzz about this new idea. What is 10-10-10?

What Are Some Great Children’s Books For My Kids To Read?

There is no other audience as rapt and attentive to storytelling than children. Most children love books. It’s the ability of their little imaginations to become engrossed in the story and the characters.

How Do I Get Telemarketers To Stop Calling Me?

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down for a nice dinner and hearing the phone ring. Even worse — you decide to answer it and find you’ve been captured by the long arm of the telemarketing industry.

How Do I Write a Memoir?

Memoirs are written for various reasons — some people find themselves near the end of their lives and want to put their experiences down on paper.

What Is A Red Tie Affair?

A “red tie affair” is a gala or event held for charity causes. The red tie affair generally does not involve the participants actually wearing red ties, though this occasionally happens.

How Do You Become An Early Riser?

Being an early riser comes with all kinds of unseen rewards. First of all, you seem to have more time in your day. You don’t feel rushed in the morning, which means you’re likely to be under less stress.

How Do You Simplify Your Life?

Does you life seem too complicated? Do you just never seem to have time to get everything done that you want to get done? If that’s the case, it’s time to simplify your life.

Miscellaneous Tips

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How Can I Get My Cat To Be More Accepting Of Others?

A similar question was posted on this subject. Read our cat expert advise.

What Is A Second Cousin?

If that person is your second cousin once removed it means that they are the child of a second cousin of yours. Second cousins share the same great grandparents. Here are some kinship terms explained:

  • Cousins Once Removed – Cousinships are for persons in the same generation: 1st cousins have the same grandparents; 2nd cousins have the same great grandparents; 3rd cousins have the same great great grandparents. Now for the sticky part, the “removed” part, namely the generational differences. For example: My first cousin’s children are removed a generation from me, hence are my “first cousins once removed.” My first cousin’s grandchildren are removed two generations from me, hence are my “first cousins twice removed.” Keep in mind, when the word “removed” is used to describe a relationship, it indicates that the two people are from different generations.
  • Cousin – The term “cousin” was once used generally to indicate almost any degree of relationship by blood or marriage outside the immediate family. In early New England the term was sometimes used to refer to a nephew or niece.
  • First Cousin – Your first cousins are the people in your family who have two of the same grandparents as you. In other words, they are the children of your aunts and uncles.
  • Second Cousin – Your second cousins are the people in your family who share one set of the same great-grandparents with you.
  • Third, Fourth, and Fith Cousins – Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cousins. Your third cousins share one set of great-great-grandparents, fourth cousins share one set of great-great-great-grandparents, and so on.

How Many Words End In “GRY”?

The answer to the this question is that there is no answer, at least no satisfactory answer. There are at least 50 -gry words in addition to angry and hungry, and every one of them is either a variant spelling, as in augry for augury, begry for beggary and bewgry for buggery, or ridiculously obscure, as in anhungry, an obsolete synonym for hungry; aggry, a kind of variegated glass bead much in use in the Gold Coast of West Africa; puggry, a Hindu scarf wrapped around the helmet or hat and trailing down the back to keep the hot sun off one’s neck; or gry, a medieval unit of measurement equaling one-tenth of a line.

Words That End In “GRY”

Hi, Deb. I actually found the answer to the riddle! This is where I found it Brain Food but here is how the Question should be stated and it actual answer.

Think of words ending in “gry.” Angry and hungry are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What is the third word? The word is something that everyone uses every day. If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is.

“Language.” Ignore the first two sentences, which are irrelevant to the question. The third sentence says, “There are three words in ‘the English language.'” The first is “the”; the second is “English”; and the third is “language.” Language is something we use every day.

Unfortunately, this puzzle is frequently asked of others by those who do not know the answer; as such, the wording of the puzzle is inadvertently altered in such a way that there is no correct answer. There are a couple other archaic words in English that end in “gry”; however, none of these are correct answers, because none of them are things we use every day. (Besides, then the puzzle would be a trivia question rather than a riddle.)

How can I translate something to another language without having to buy software?

Visit the Altavista Translator page.

Know Any Good Free Resume Websites?

  • World Largest resume Service
  • Resume Information

Once you’re done you can post your resume.

Where Can I Find Good Job Shadowing Techniques?

Before you go to an informational interview or participate in any career exploration activity, think about questions you want to ask. These may include:

  • What do you like most about this job/career?
  • How did you first become interested in this job/career?
  • What training or education is necessary or most valuable for this career?
  • What is the long-term outlook for this career? (Will there be many or few job openings in this field in the future?)
  • What other resources or people should I consult to learn more?
  • Are there volunteer, internship, co-op or job opportunities I could apply for?

Job Shadowing – You spend a day (or part of a day) at work with someone in a career that interests you. You follow that person throughout the workday and observe what she or he does.

At appropriate times during the day, ask questions about the work. Make a list of possible questions in advance, and make notes of other questions that come up during the day.

Job shadowing may not give you a complete picture of a job or career, but it will give you a sneak preview.

Check this link too for a Shadow Program Student Question Sheet.

You could also spend a little time in the library reading about the responsibilities of a superior court judge to help you decide what questions to ask him/things to look for. Are you shadowing this judge because you are interested in becoming a judge yourself? I hope things work out well for you on Monday. Remember to relax and don’t get yourself too worked up about this, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Let me know how things work out.

How do you write a personal statement for entry into a fashion beauty college?

The personal statement is your opportunity to explain what you are about, why you want to go to fashion school, and why the application committee should consider you as an applicant.

Mention any significant life experiences that have had an impact on your life. Explain what you have to offer the school by providing specific examples of your accomplishments. This way you are able to inform the admissions committee of your great attributes without sounding arrogant. You might also want to briefly describe why you chose that particular school. Some people have no tangible reason for choosing a particular school, that is not a problem and do not spend too much time searching for a reason. Also, if you are a re-entry student, it is always a good idea to discuss your experiences while out of school. When writing your statement, always keep your audience in mind. Use active verbs, short sentences, and concrete understandable words.

I hope this was helpful. Good Luck and let me know how things work out.