Store Winnings for Pennsylvania Powerball

Dear Editor,

Is it true that if a store sells a winning ticket that the store receives a certain percentage of the winnings?

If so, what percentage would the store receive if located in Pennsylvania?

Also, how much does an individual have to win in order for the store in Pennsylvania to get their percentage?

Thanks for your help.



Dear Andrea,

It is true that a store which sells a winning Pennsylvania lottery ticket receives a percentage of the lottery winnings. The percentage received depends on the time of year, the special bonuses that might be offered at any given time and the type of lottery game the prize is won on. That being said, the standard percentage for a store that sold a winning lottery ticket is 5% of the lottery prize amount.

Lottery Claims

To claim winnings on a lottery ticket, the lottery ticket must be sent to the Pennsylvania Lottery Headquarters with information on the winner, the winning ticket information and information on the store where the winning ticket was sold. You can pay out claims on winning lottery tickets under $601, but all winning tickets of $2,500 or more must be sent in. Tickets between $601 to $2500 can be paid by the store, but you can also mail these winning tickets in. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to process these winning tickets.


Remember to fill out a claim form and attack BOTH the winning ticket and the “claim ticket”. The claim ticket is processed by your lottery register when you run the lottery ticket through the machine.

For more information, either call yor local lottery division or call the toll-free claims division phone number found below.

Lottery Headquarters Claims Division – 1800-692-7481

Minimum Lottery Winnings Question

Because there is no prize money stipulations below $601, I’m assuming that the minimum prize winnings that a store would qualify for is $601. That may well be the minimum amount paid out by the Pennsylvania State Lottery. On the other hand, all lottery winnings may pay out a 5% lottery bonus in Pennsylvania. I would suggest you call the number of the Pennsylvania State Lottery to make certain.

Good Luck.