What is Spy Gear?

What Is Spy Gear?

Spy gear is a generic term for surveillance, security, and all-out spy equipment. People don’t always use so called spy gear to spy on people — other applications for things like hidden cameras include home security, some practical purpose like hunting, or just for fun. Spy gear includes just about anything a spy in the movie uses. Spy gear enthusiasts use things like bug detectors, noise generators, and covert recorders to “spy” on people or as commercial security systems.

Where to Find Spy Gear

Most people wouldn’t think twice about setting up a security system to protect their investments, whether you’re talking about a home jewelry collection or the assets of a small business. Hidden cameras and audio recorders are the easiest to recognize pieces of spy gear. You can buy these type of recording devices from hardware stores and other retail settings, but your choice will be limited to what few pieces of spy gear that store carries. That’s why buying spy gear online is the best way to go.

SpyAssociates.com has hundreds of hidden camera options for you to choose from. Cameras (black and white or color, with audio or without) hidden in items like dolls, ties, and DVD players may seem expensive until you realize the value of the information you can gain from a surveillance system like this.

What Is Spy Gear?

But the world of spy gear is much more than cameras and direct surveillance. This real-time GPS vehicle surveillance kit from SpyAssociates.com may be the best way to keep track of a vehicle without the driver knowing. This is great for company cars, teenagers with a new driver’s license, or any reason you need to keep steady watch on the location and movements of a car.

Cheap Spy Gear and Equipment

In most cases you get what you pay for when buying spy gear. Since spy gear is used in sensitive times or areas it just needs to look right. Anyone can duct-tape a camera to an alarm clock and try to pass it off as proper spy gear. Cheap spy gear and equipment is usually not worth the shipping costs. If it doesn’t aid you in conducting surveillance or other spy activities, what good is it?

Spy gear like micocameras and voice changer devices are expensive to manufacture. This “slap and track” GPS tracking system lets you do that cool trick that James Bond does when he just sticks a device to a car and tracks it remotely. Of course you’re going to pay as much as $700 for the privelege — this is authentic spy gear and it doesn’t often come cheap.

The only case when you might find a piece of spy gear cheap is if you’re looking for a simple device with a single application, such as a cell phone spying SIM card reader that can read deleted text messages. Since it has a single purpose and is not that complex or bulky of an item, you can pick this spy equipment up for well uner $150.

Surveillance Equipment

Most people will only want to find spy gear that also acts as surveillance equipment. Unless you are a private investigator or are doing some serious digging, some basic surveillance equipment is the only spy stuff you’ll ever need to own. If you’re looking for a complete surveillance system or the most basic closed circuit TV camera setups, surveillance equipment from spy gear sources is some of the best around.

If you’re concerned about a child’s use of the Internet (or maybe even a cheating spouse) spy equipment like remote computer monitoring that lets you watch another computer’s activity live on your monitor could keep your mind at ease. A camera hidden in a tissue box (that can record in full color and transmit images on a wireless connection) could keep your valuables safe undercover style.

Not all surveillance equipment is so high tech. Drug test kits can be considered one kind of surveillance — if you want to monitor a child’s drug use you can pick up basic 5-panel disposable drug test kits from spy equipment stores. Some surveillance tactics require nothing more than a piece of software, like email and Internet monitoring. You’ll have a wider variety of products to choose from if you shop for products like this at places that sell spy gear.

James Bond Gadgets

There are those who are into spy gear because of a life-long obsession with all things 007. James Bond style gadgets are available at online retailers — stuff like stun guns that use blinding LED light to stop attackers instead of electricity or chemical irritants, wire tap and GPS detector sticks, and “bionic ear” listening devices. Unfortunately, you can’t pick up Bond’s classic cars fit with machine guns and ejector seats just yet. But if you want to surround yourself with cool James Bond spy gear there are dozens of online spy equipment sources.

A tiny digital video recorder built into an attractively knotted tie is the perfect companion to a dry martini and tuxedo. Find yourself needing to cover up your distinctive accent? Install a voice changing device on your phone to keep your foes from recognizing you. Just because you can’t have James Bond’s airplane doesn’t mean you can’t spy like Bond. Fancy a spy watch with built-in recording software and GPS device detection? Add it to your spy gear box.

Is Spy Gear Legal?

When it is used in the right circumstances, spy gear is perfectly legal. Spy equipment stores sell their items with a strong disclaimer saying it is not legal to use these devices to invade another person’s privacy, and they suggest that you check your local surveillance laws to find out if the item you’re buying is legal where you live.

In most states, as long as at least one person knows that surveillance is taking place (such as you, the spy) you can record anything you want as long as it isn’t recorded in a location with an “expectation of privacy”. This means no recording in bathrooms, bedrooms, or any place that people tend to stress privacy.

Though the law is difficult to understand, the appeal of spy gear is a no brainer. People need surveillance equipment for all kinds of reasons, from protecting their family to monitoring a cash register at their business. Spy gear can help you determine if your spouse is cheating, your kids are doing drugs, or if your neighbor is stealing tools from your garage. Look into the varied world of spy gear today.

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