Where to Buy Pepper Spray

Where to Buy Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an effective deterrent against all kinds of threats. This non-lethal weapon can be used to render an attacker or other threat blind, incapacitated, and unable to pursue you. Pistols need loading (and a license to carry) and the ease with which pepper spray is used makes the expense of owning and caring for a gun unnecessary. When you need a way to protect yourself, pepper spray is the most user friendly and inexpensive method.

Whether your carry pepper spray on hunting trips ( to keep away attacking animals) on the job as a security guard, or just as a private weapon for protection, it is important to buy the right kind of pepper spray.

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What Kinds of Pepper Spray Exist?

Where to Buy Pepper Spray

There are many different kinds of pepper spray, from “fog type” sprayers to are used by law enforcement to disperse crowds or riots, to “keychain” spatter style pepper sprays you see mail carriers using against dogs. Depending on your pepper spray needs, you may want to select the keychain style, for personal protection for example. A security guard or a person wanting a larger sphere of protection with pepper spray should look for a larger “fog style” weapon, though in some areas these require a license. To keep safe, look for pepper spray canisters that offer “safety” switches to keep you from accidentally setting off your weapon. Good pepper sprays also have clips for your belt loop and maybe a few other accessories. You can pick up a good pepper spray for about $20 — a great deal for a piece of safety equipment.

Different pepper spray styles affect the victim differently — some pepper sprays shoot a “stream” of pepper spray which must be aimed pretty close to the face but also burn the skin on contact. This is why many law enforcement officials carry the fog style spray. The active ingredient of pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum, a derivative of cayenne peppers. Pepper spray will come in different concentrations of oleoresin capsicum (OC) and the lower doses are less effective than the higher. If you buy a pepper spray with too high an OC concentration, it won’t spread as well, so you should look for OC in the 5 percent range.

Where Do I Find Pepper Spray?

Depending on where you live, it isn’t difficult to buy pepper spray. I’ve seen pepper spray on sale at hardware stores, guns and firearms stores, and sometimes “super center” supermarkets. State laws will affect where you can and cannot buy pepper spray products, so your best bet is probably a gun store. Most states have no restrictions on the concealing and carrying of mace and pepper spray products. Your state may require a permit. Call your local police department and ask them what self-defense items you can carry legally, and what you will need to do to act within the law.

Remember to test your pepper spray in an wide open space every few months to make sure the trigger works, the pressure is full, and you know how to use it.