Sonic Coupons

Sonic Coupons 2011

Sonic coupons should be easy to use, because this is the fast food retail chain that offers brown bag special nights and a constant flow of monthly promotions. I’ve had Sonic waitresses offer Sonic coupons for the slightest perceived delays and offenses, so you’re dealing with a company that uses discount promotions constantly.

There are actually a couple of options for getting Sonic coupons online: go to an Internet coupon code website or get savings directly from Sonic through their Sonic Cruisers Club and Sonic Cards programs. I’ll discuss each of these in brief.

Retain Me Not Sonic Coupons

Sonic Coupons 2011

You can get free Sonic coupons and coupon codes at one of the prominent Internet coupon sites, such as Retail Me Not’s Sonic page. The current bargains on this coupons site include a birthday discount coupon, a “buy one shake, get another shake” free coupon, free coffee, free teacher discounts, free shipping on gift cards, and free Route 44 drinks.

You’ll be able to print off these printable coupons and coupon codes, many of which are over 10 digits. At RetailMeNot, you can see how often other costumers were able to use these coupons successful. The range I’m seeing isn’t always high with SONIC promotions on this site, between 50% and 8%, probably because the large number of locally-owned SONICs and the matter of “participating retailers”.

If a fifty-percent success rate isn’t to your liking, you might take a look at the Sonic Cruisers Club, the official way to get Sonic discounts.

Sonic Cruisers Club – Rewards & Coupons

You can also join Sonic’s online costumer rewards club, the Sonic Cruisers Club. It takes about a minute to sign-up, which lets you log onto and see what the latest deals and promotions are. Let me give an example.

Right now, the latest deals offered includes $2.99 for a BLT and tots deal, a Red Velvet Cheesecake Sonic Blast, and a SuperSONIC Cheeseburger combo. You can earn more savings by using your Sonic Card.

Sonic Card Reload Rewards

The Sonic Card is exactly what it sounds like: a Sonic gift card. This is only for those customers who really love Sonic and know they’re going to be eating there often enough to make this work. If you fit that profile, you get extra discounts for using your Sonic card under their “Earn Free Food” option.

When you “reload” your Sonic Card at Sonic dot com, you’ll get special offers, such as the free regular Sonic burger, free regular SONIC Blast, or free breakfast burrito with a reload of $25 or more. For “My Sonic Card” reloads between $15 and $24.99, you get a coupon for a free medium Sonic drink, free medium tots, or free order of medium onion rings.

All you have to use is either the “one-time reload” or “automatic reload” pages at the Sonic website. You’ll need to wait between 24 and 48 hours for the rewards to appear on your card, but after that, you have free food, drinks, and desserts waiting for you at your local Sonic. Don’t worry about getting spammed by Sonic emails by signing up. You can set parameters to receive as many or as few offers as you want.

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