What Is the Average Cost of Braces?

What Is the Average Cost of Braces?

Getting braces has become something of a childhood tradition. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, anywhere from 3 to 4 million kids in America wear braces on their teeth, though the length of time they wear them varies greatly.

With so many kids requiring braces to fix issues with their teeth, it is important for parents of young children to understand the average cost of orthodontics. Since we’ve already said that the length of time required for braces can be anywhere from a matter of weeks to a matter of years, an ‘average’ cost is difficult to determine.

Average Braces Cost

BracesInfo.com (a great source of all things braces-related) says that the average cost of childhood orthdontics isĀ $5,413. This amount can go up to as high as $8,000 depending on the individual orthodontist and the area of the country in which your child receives treatment.

Additional Costs Associated with Braces

There are lots of options for the child about to get braces — but these options will cost you. If your child is a bit ashamed of their braces or just wants a specific look, the cost goes up. “Tooth colored” ceramic brackets will add an average of $500 to an orthodontic bill, while special braces that are placed behind the teeth (called “lingual brackets”) are an even bigger expense, adding anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 to the final bill.

Braces Alternatives

Invisalign, a company that offers a braces alternative of the same name, reports that its products (which resemble clear plastic trays used for teeth whitening) start out at $3,500 but the average customer cost is about $5,000 across the nation. Be careful when selecting Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment of choice — these plans can cost way more than this ‘average’ depending on the retailer.

Orthodontics and Insurance

The good news is that most solid dental plans will cover orthodontics for children under age 18, but there are no dental plans that will automatically cover adult braces. Talk to your insurance company and find out if your kid’s braces will be covered.

For adults who want braces, there are very few options outside of making a payment plan with your orthodontist or purchasing a private amount of dental insurance that will help cover the costs.

Braces can be important. Your child’s smile can make or break his chance at certain jobs, success in love, and general self-esteem. Yes, braces can be expensive, but often they are medically necessary and there are insurance options to help pay.

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