Where Are the Best Places to Travel?

Where are the best places to travel?

Figuring out the best place for you to travel is a matter of deciding what kind of trip you want to have and picking a spot. Simple as that — just decide if you want a budget vacation, an exotic destination, or a family-themed getaway.

Best Budget Travel Spots

If you’re trying to make your money stretch a little further, you’re going to have to vacation to places where the US Dollar is strong against the local currency. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the financial section of your local paper you know that there’s not many places like this left. Here are some spots you can travel to to keep a little extra dough in your wallet.


Most people don’t think of Vietnam as a tourist destination — but that’s changing. The cost effectiveness of a vacation in Vietnam is driving more and more people there every year. A “luxury” budget for a trip in Vietnam would be about $30 US a day, all inclusive.

Eastern Europe

The best way to visit Europe without losing your shirt is to travel further and further east. Cities like Prague or Sofia are perfect vacation spots (featuring plenty of culture and great food, etc.) that are as easy on the budget as they are on the eyes.

Costa Rica

Sure, Costa Rica is one of the more expensive travel spots in Central America, BUT the American Dollar is well-valued there. One dollar will get you 500 of the local currency, up from about 300 ten years ago. So live it up — visit Costa Rica and have a tropical vacation you’ll never forget.

Central America

Since Central America is so cheap and the USD is so valuable there, why not schedule a budget vacation touring all the countries of Central America? From ancient wonders and beautiful beaches to surfing and fine dining, Central America could be the perfect (slightly exotic) cheap vacation idea.


This country is ridiculously cheap — travellers report spending as little as $4 a night for top-notch hotel rooms. You may not have thought of this little Southeast Asian country as a vacation spot, but the low cost combined with their use of the US Dollar means Cambodia is the best cheap travel spot on this list.

Exotic Destinations

The Sahara

Sure — it is a desert. But for exotic locales and stunning beauty there is little to argue against the beautiful Sahara of Africa. Stop off in Morrocco and enjoy the Rif mountains and beach resort-style coastal towns.


Many people don’t think of Turkey when they consider what vacation destination to pick, but the fact is this country (nestled between the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea) can be considered the cradle of civilization. Arts, culture, museums, beautiful scenery . . . Turkey has it all.

Nepal / Tibet

There’s nothing like a difficult-to-reach mostly-Buddhist Southeast Asian country to get your exotic vacationer’s blood boiling. Looking for a spirital journey? Nepal is perfect. If you’re a fan of extreme outdoor adventure, either of these countries can provide outstanding mountain sports.


An island nation off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is largely untouched by civilization. The wildlife here is second to none.


Tunisia is another country that has avoided too much of the outside world’s spoiling, though the Mediterranean-style resort villages might fool you into thinking otherwise.

Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas


Everyone should go to Disneyworld at some point in their life. Get your family down to Orlando to see the the park as it evolves into the 21st century, but don’t limit yourself to Disney. Orlando has plenty of outdoor activity, and a drive through Florida or even down to Miami can be a real eye opener for your family.

Grand Canyon

Pile the family in the car and take a road trip to the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful natural spots in all of America. On the way into Arizona, there are plenty of places to stop and soak up the local flavor, like Albuquerque, NM to the east or Salt Lake City to the north. Seeing the Canyon itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lake Tahoe

Where California and Nevada come together there is Lake Tahoe. The South Shore of the lake is lively and active, while the North Shore is designed more for fans of the quiet life. Got a family that likes outdoor activities as well as hiking and natural beauty? Lake Tahoe’s perfect for you.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Between Busch Gardens and the Water Country USA theme park, there’s lots of fun for the whole family besides well-known Colonial Williamsburg. You and your family will enjoy an educational as well as recreational vacation near the birthplace of our country.

Oahu, Hawaii

Though Oahu is small (taking up only just under 600 square miles) there is plenty of activity packed into this family friendly vacation destination. Boating, dolphin spotting, surfing, the Pearl Harbor memorial — there’s plenty to do and see in Oahu besides just the beach.

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