Where Can You Find the Cheapest Laptop?

Where Can You Find the Cheapest Laptop?

Shopped for a laptop computer lately? If you’ve visited all the computer retailers in your area pricing laptops, I’m sure you’d like to know how to find cheap laptops.

Laptops are great — convenient and cool — but if you are unable to drop thousands of dollars in one go, you may feel left out. Laptop prices have dropped a good bit in the past few years (like all new technology, it will  eventually become more and more affordable) but finding a quality laptop computer at the cheapest price possible can be a chore. You want to pay less for a laptop you can actually use, not spend a little less money for a piece of technology that won’t function right.

Why Laptops are Expensive

Laptop computers are considered the top of the line in computer technology and thus they can be  sold for higher prices. Convenience items are always going to be more expensive — the thinking is that people are willing to spend a little more money for an item that will make their life easier.

Since the rise in popularity of personal digital assistants, Blackberries, Bluetooth devices and cell phones that now basically act as computers (and become the new cutting edge items) the price of good laptop computers has dropped so that many retail stores now carry good laptop computers for much less than you may be expecting.

Shop and Compare

Start looking for your new cheap laptop by taking stock of the price of the kind of machine you want. Do this by visiting the website of the big name manufacturers, retailers, and resalers and writing down the item’s prices alongside the matching laptop’s tech capabilities. The next time you visit a big box retailer or computer retailers, you can take notes and compare what you found to the prices that these retailer’s  laptops are going for.

Where to Find Cheap Laptops

My favorite spots for inexpensive laptops and laptop computer components are Overstock.com’s computers section (selling plenty of refurbished laptops for well under $500), laptopbroker.com (with many less powerful but completely new laptops around $400 – $500), and even used sites like usedlaptop.com. Just make sure you do your research before settling on a discount or used laptop. Remember, a computer’s components will great affect your laptop experience.

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