Who Is State Farm?

George Jacob Mecherle, a retired insurance salesman and farmer founded State Farm in 1922. Today they insure more homes and cars than any other insurance company in the United States and are quickly becoming a top contender in Canada as well. State Farm is a mutual company that is owned by its policyholders and ranked 34 on the prestigious Fortune 500 list.

Mecherle’s Vision


Mecherle simply wanted to do things right and fair, treating customers like a neighbor, a vision still true today. State Farm began originally, strictly as an automobile insurance company, offering only a single line. Today they offer almost 100 services and products spread across 5 different types of businesses. They have proven time and time again that they are more than committed to their customers which is all Mecherle ever wanted. In fact, they handle on average close to 35,000 claims everyday. Due to their reputation for being so efficient, they are one of the first choices individuals turn to who are looking for free car insurance quotes.

Products and Services

  • Automobile – As you would expect from a company with such a reputable history, State Farm will put you in a policy that accommodates your needs. Automobile coverage protects you, your fellow drivers, passengers, pedestrians and property.
  • Homeowners – State Farm’s claim network is one of the world’s largest and is accessible 24/7. They even offer discounts for safety items like smoke alarms, burglar alarms, fire extinguishers and deadbolts.
  • Renters – For less than one dollar per day, State Farm can cover your property and provide peace of mind.
  • Health – If you are looking for health insurance quotes online, State Farm probably offers exactly what you need in one of their many polices. Individuals, Medicare Supplemental, Prescription and Hospital Income Coverage are polices suited for everyone.
  • Boat – Risks with boats include sinking, fire, storms, theft, capsizing, stranding, collision and explosion. State Farm boat insurance can cover not just the property but accessories as well.
  • Disability – State Farm understands that when you can’t work, you still have bills that need paying. Disability insurance protects you as well as your family against severe financial hardship.
  • Business – There are always risks involved with starting your own business but State Farm makes them a little less scary. Their agents understand the diverse needs of every business owner and can build a plan according to your needs.
  • Long-term Care – These policies help you to pay for care that you need when the time comes. Long-term expenses can quickly deplete finances for your family.

State Farm also covers condo owners, life and annuities, farm and ranch, flood, personal, motorcycle, volcano damage and community organizations. Not to mention, whether you are a policyholder or not, they provide mutual plans and everyday banking and loans.

About the Author

Laura Penekamp knows a thing or two about saving money considering she’s a mom of three. Being a freelance writer, she has discovered that the right insurance policies not only save you money but protect everything that is important to you. Laura feels this information is important to be aware of which is why she shares it with as many people as possible.

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