How Can I Save Money On Movie Rentals?

In these tough economic times, readers are always asking me, “How can I save money on movie rentals?”. Sure, you want to keep your family and friends entertained, but renting movies can be time consuming and include extra fees such as the gas it takes to get to and from the video store.

The tips provided below will allow you to save money in the long run, whether you’re looking for top movie rentals of even new movie rentals. With the money you save, you can have a little extra in your bank account, or you might just want to rent more films. Either way, every penny counts when it comes to saving money on movie rentals.

Self-Serve DVD Kiosks

A new trend for movie fans is developing with the growing popularity of self-serve DVD kiosks. Redbox movie rentals lead the pack, and these kiosks are available at leading grocery stores and even some McDonalds restaurants.

With some of the movie rental kiosks, you simply insert your credit card into the machine, select the movie you want, and then take it home for viewing. It’s like a vending machine for movies. When you’re finished, just drop it into a slot located on the kiosk.

Other machines, such as Redbox, allow you to go online and select from various top films. You pay online by credit card and then visit a local kiosk to obtain your movie rentals. When you’re done, the movies can be deposited into any Red Box kiosk, even if it wasn’t the one you initially used.

Prices vary depending on the brand of kiosk. Some offer movie rentals for as little as $1 per day, while others will offer discounts on certain days of the week (such as Monday). If you’ve got to go to the grocery store anyway, movie kiosks are a great way to save time and multi-task.

Movie Rental Programs


If you‘re still wondering “How can I save money on movie rentals?”, you might want to check your local video stores and see if they offer any special movie rental programs. These will vary from store to store, and many chains will not offer them at all. If you have a local mom & pop video store, however, you might be surprised at the deals available.

I’m talking about programs which might allow you to rent multiple movies at a discounted rate. In other cases, you might be able to take advantage of a “rent two, get one free” deal on top movie rentals. When you’re looking to save money on movie rentals, it never hurts to look for movie rental programs.

Shop Around

If Movie Gallery offers movie rentals for less than Blockbuster, then it’s common sense to assume that you’ll end up saving money by choosing to rent at Movie Gallery. If a hometown video store beats both their prices, then why not give them your business?

When you’re shopping for a car, you might visit a number of dealerships in search of the best price. You should use the same logic when figuring out where to rent movies. If you save anywhere from $1 to 50 cents per rental, those savings can really add up over a year.

Local Library

Many libraries rent movies. The best part is, they rent them for free! Sure, you might not be able to get new movie rentals or even top movie rentals, but your local library should have plenty of classics and popular movies. For those who are wondering, “How can I save money on movie rentals?”, your local library is an excellent option.


If you watch a lot of movies (like me), you’ll definitely save money in the long run by choosing Netflix online movie rentals. You make all your selections online, and Netflix sends them to your home; keep them as long as you want with no late fees. When you’re done, simply mail them back without paying any postage or handling.

There are a number of Netflix movie rental plans available, and prices range from a couple of dollars per month (for 1 or 2 movies at a time) to around $50 per month (for 8 movies at a time). You can select the plan which works best for you, and you’ll also have the ability to change your Netflix rental plan at any time. Oh, and Netflix has more than 100,000 of the most popular American and foreign films.

Trade With Friends

If you don’t want to pay any money for movie rentals, why not trade movies with your friends? This is a simple and inexpensive way to see movies for the first time, and it’ll also give you and your buddies something to talk about when you next get together. When it comes to answering the question, “How do I save money on movie rentals?”, this is the cheapest option available.