How Do You Burn DVD Movies?

At least twice a week, I receive emails from readers wanting to know, “How do you burn DVD movies?”. While burning or copying DVD movies is an excellent (and legal) way to back up your movie collection, let me also provide a word of warning before continuing.

Making a duplicate of a copyrighted movie and then selling it or giving it away is illegal unless you have permission from the holder of the copyright. In other words, George Lucas can legally burn and sell copies of the Star Wars series, while you cannot. This law applies whether you’re looking to download and burn DVD movies or burn DVD movies for free.

Having given a word of warning, I’ll now do my best to answer the question, “How do you burn DVD movies?”. Just don’t blame me if the feds show up at your house and confiscate those boxes of pirate DVDs you’ve been selling on eBay.

Three Types of DVD Media

Before you burn a DVD, you should always know what you’re trying to create. There are three common types of DVDs, and we’ll be taking a brief look at each one.

  • Commercial DVD Copies – Commercial DVDs are copyrighted, and movies would fall into this category. To make the copies you want, you’ll need a DVD burner, software to burn DVD movies, and software which specializes in getting around the anti-copy safeguards built into most commercial DVDs.

    In order to fit a normal commercial DVD onto a blank disc, you’ll need to compress the information. After that, just use the software and follow the prompts to burn yourself a copy. It’s really pretty easy to burn DVD movies for free.

  • burn-dvd-movies
    Data DVDs
    – This includes ordinary data such as spreadsheets, documents and database files. When burning data DVDs, you’ll only need the most basic kind of DVD burning software. Luckily, many computers now come with DVD burning software.

    Open up the DVD burning software, and select the Data DVD option. A number of prompts will then appear to guide you through the process. It normally takes about 20 minutes to fill a complete DVD with data. If you have a high-speed DVD burner, then it will be even less. Once you’re through, the DVD should be able to be viewed in any computer.

  • Multimedia File DVDs – This is very much like burning regular data onto a disc, but you may want to add features such as chapters to give it a more professional look. This will also allow the user to skip through the DVD, which can be especially nice if you’re burning a wedding ceremony or graduation.

DVD Burning Software

Since you’ll need DVD burning software to make a copy, you may be wondering which kind to buy? One of the best-known brands is called DVD Ripper, and it can be obtained via Internet download. In many cases, you can try it for free for a limited time. Afterwards, you’ll have to buy the product to continue using it.

Another good product is Clone DVD. This software will allow you to make copies of DVDs with just one click of your mouse. It can also be used to copy movies onto your iPod, PSP, smart phone or personal computer.

DVD Burning Synopsis

The question, “How do you burn DVD movies?” is actually pretty easy to answer. Basically, all you need it the necessary software. Once that’s been obtained, burning DVD movies can be accomplished with a single click.

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