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What Are Some Good
Movies for Teenage Boys?

We wrote an article about good movies for teenage girls that was such
a big hit that we just had to write a companion articles. Here it
is–good movies for teenage boys.

Where And How Can I Download Movies?

Here at, we often receive emails asking, “Where and how can I download movies?” While the choices are plentiful when it comes to downloading movies online, you need to be aware that not all movie download sites are legal.

What Are Downloadable Movies And How Can I Watch Downloadable Movies?


If you’re a movie fan and own a computer, you should be asking yourself, “What are downloadable movies and how can I watch downloadable movies?”.

Which Recent Movies Do You Recommend? readers must think I’m a real movie expert, as I’m always getting asked, “Which recent movies do you recommend?”.

Where Can I Find Out About Movie Releases And Movie Release Dates?

A lot of movie fans must read, as I’m always getting asked, “Where can I find out about movie releases and movie release dates?”.

How Do You Burn DVD Movies?

At least twice a week, I receive emails from readers wanting to know, “How do you burn DVD movies?”.

How Do You Watch Movies On Google? What Are Google Movies?

If you want to watch movies on Google, it’s easier than you might think. In fact, this article is designed to tell you all about Google Movies and Google Video, especially how convenient and simple they are.

What Are The Most Popular Movies Ever?

I received an email the other day from an AskDeb reader who wanted to know, “What are the most popular movies ever?”. In this article, I’ll attempt to answer that question.

How Can I Download Movies And Videos For My iPod?

A question I’m commonly asked by movie fans on the go is, “How can I download movies and videos for my iPod?”. Anyone who owns an iPod knows how handy it is to be able to have portable movies and videos right at your fingertip.

What Is Windows Movie Maker, And How Do I Use Windows Movie Maker?

Readers who are looking to make their own movies should be asking, “What is Windows Movie Maker, and how do I use Windows Movie Maker?”.

What Are Your Favorite Comedy Movies?

When someone asks me, “What are your favorite comedy movies?”, I always respond with “How much time do you have?”. You see, I love movies that make me laugh, whether they’re romantic comedy movies, musical comedies or screwball comedies.

What Are Some Good Movies For Teenage Girls?

Recently, a reader of with a 15-year-old daughter wrote in and asked, “What are some good movies for teenage girls?”.

Where to Rent Movies

I get emails all the time from people wanting to know, “Where do you rent movies?”. In an effort to answer that question, the following article will discuss my five favorite places to rent DVDs.

Where Can I Find Out About New Movies On DVD?

If you’re the type of movie fan who loves to rent or buy hit films as soon as they become available, maybe you should be asking, “Where can I find out about new movies on DVD?”.

Where Can I Watch A Movie Online?

If you own a PC with a high-speed Internet connection, isn’t it time that you considered the question, “Where can I watch a movie online”? Viewing online movies is more convenient than renting, and you’ll also save on gas and general vehicle wear.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Movies?

When someone asks me, “Where is the best place to buy movies?”, I’m always happy to inform them that they have a number of excellent choices.

What Is The Internet Movie Database?

Recently, many readers of have written in and asked, “What is the Internet Movie Database?”. Since our stated goal is to answer any and all questions, I figured it was high time that I addressed this query.

What Are Some Good Family Movies In The Theater Now? What Are Some Good Family Movies On DVD?

We’re fortunate to count many families and parents among our readers here at As a result, I often receive emails asking questions such as, “What are some good family movies in the theater now?

Where Can I Find Reviews Of Current Movies?

I love to watch movies, but I also like to have a little information about them before I commit a few hours of my life. Is the script supposed to be solid?

What Movies Has Adam Sandler Been In? What Are The Best Adam Sandler Movies?

If you look at the box office numbers, it seems that everyone loves Adam Sandler. Whether he’s starring in an outrageous comedy or stretching his abilities in a drama, Adam Sandler movies are among the top earners every year.

What Movies Has Tom Cruise Been In? What Are The Best Tom Cruise Movies?

Readers of often ask me, “What movies has Tom Cruise been in? What are the best Tom Cruise movies?” While I’ll often respond with movie titles like Top Gun, that’s just barely scratching the surface of Tom Cruise’s long and influential Hollywood career.

How Can I Save Money On Movie Rentals?

In these tough economic times, readers are always asking me, “How can I save money on movie rentals?”. Sure, you want to keep your family and friends entertained, but renting movies can be time consuming and include extra fees such as the gas it takes to get to and from the video store.

What Are Some Good Kids Movies?

Our readers with children often ask me, “What are some good kids movies?”. Because of this, I’ve decided to put together of list of some of the best kids movies currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.

What Biography Movies Would You Recommend?

When I’m reviewing the questions sent in to, one which comes up over and over is “What biography movies would you recommend?”.

Will There Be A 2nd Transformers Movie, And When Will The First Transformers Movie Come Out On DVD?

Considering that the 2007 Transformers film, starring Shia LaBeouf and directed by Michael Bay, made over 700 million dollars worldwide, it’s not unusual that I’m often asked, “Will there be a second Transformers movie, and when will the first Transformers movie come out on DVD?”.

What Are Some Good Action Movies?

If you’re looking for some good action movies, there are a wide array of choices available. From shootouts and car chases to martial arts battles, the modern action movie is a great way to pass a few hours with friends or family.

Movie Tips

Our readers are avid movie watchers constantly looking for lastest movie tips. We’ve compiled the section below specifically to meet their movie needs.

What’s a good movie to rent?

Check out Tom’s Home Theater Picks for rental suggestions.

What company made James Bond’s car and security system in “For Your Eyes Only”?

From the paragraph below it seems like the answer is a Lotus Esprit and the security system is that it is disposable. I hope that’s right.

“Back in London, Bond is assigned his mission by the Chief of Staff ( credited as Tanner and played by James Villiers ) and Minister of Defense (Spy’s Geoffrey Keen again) as M is away – sadly actor Bernard Lee was ill and died after the movie’s release. James is sent off to Madrid to track down the hit man Gonzales in a ‘disposable’ white Lotus Esprit. After capturing Bond, Gonzles is ‘perforated’ by Melina so James has share her mode of transport due to the burglar alarm in his Lotus. This leads to a great Citroen car chase down the mountains with James commenting “love to drive in the country-side, don’t you ?”