What Is Starz Play?

Starz Entertainment and Netflix

Starz Play is an streaming video service by Starz Entertainment which lets you watch tv, film, and concert videos instantly through providers like Netflix and Verizon.

You can interface through you Wii or XBox, or watch instantly on Microsoft PCs and Macs using the Silverlight Movie Player.

And if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can stream videos directly through your home theater system or television set.

What Is Starz Channel?

Starz began as a tv channel back in 1994, when it was known as Starz!. Starz is owned by Liberty Starz Encore, and Encore Channel and Starz are considered the flagship stations in the network.

Starz is known for showing first-run motion pictures on its channel. As of 2008, it boasted over 17 million subscribers.

Starz Play Service Netflix

Starz Play service from Netflix is a partnership between Starz Entertainment, LLC and Netflix, Inc to provide streaming videos to all subscribers to the Netflix online vidWhat Is Starz Play?

eo rental service. The deal was brokered in fall of 2008, and gives users access to over a thousand instant watch videos.

At the time the deal was announced, Netflix already had over 12,000 movie and television titles available through their instant queue. What “Starz Play” provides is premium content and new releases. Everyone who streamed videos from Netflix up until a year or two ago can tell you that Netflix’s instant view options were limited to older titles and (generally) low quality and B-list productions. StarzPlay provides quality to go with that quantity.

Starz Play Quality

When I say Starz Play quality, I mean new releases among tv shows, films, and musical performances. I also mean that these are releases from the big production studios, like Sony, Walt Disney, Pixar, Miramax, The Weinstein Company, IFC, and other studios at that level. So Starz Play quality is top quality entertainment.

Starz Play Netflix

Few people know this, but Netflix subscribers have the option to subscribe only to Starz Play for $6.99 a month. To find this option, log into Netflix and go to the homepage. Then click on “Your Account & Help” in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on the “Change Plan” link, which should be on your right and towards the upper portion of this page. Finally, scroll down to “Limited Plans” and click on “Show Additional Limited Plans”. The $6.99 option should be the last option on the page (as of this writing).

Starz Play Community – Starz Play Wiki

If you want to keep up with the latest developments with Starz Play and Netflix, go the Starz Entertainment official website and register with “My Starz” to join in discussions on the community message boards, custom schedules, rating & favorites, email & SMS reminders, and eNewsletters. You’ll also be able to find Starz on Facebook and Starz on Twitter. I’m not aware of a Starz Play wiki, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one exists.

Starz Play Verizon

“Starz Play” through Verizon costs $5.99 a month for Verizon FiOS or Verizon High Speed Internet subscribers, or $9.99 a month for everybody else. A Starz Play subscription entitles you to over 2,500 films and videos for up to 3 devices per one membership. You can bundle this subscription with Verizon Games to get more savings.

Starz Play Wii

To watch Starz Play Netflix through your Wii console, go to your Netflix homepage. Click on the “Instantly to Your TV” link, which should be in the center of your page towards the top. This takes you to a page with a whole list of options of interfaces. Scroll down the page until you get to the “Wii Console” option, then click the appropriate “Learn More >” link.

This provides quick and easy instructions for setting up your Netflix account to your Wii. You can instantly watch TV titles and film titles stream via Netflix into your game room.

Starz Play Mac

Netflix Instant Viewing is compatible with Apple MacIntosh, too. You’ll need an intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.8 or later, Safari 3 or higher (or Firefox 2 or higher), and 1 GB of Ram. Mac users complained for years that Netflix wasn’t compatible, but a deal was brokered in late 2008. The Microsoft Silverlight Movie Player is now compatible with both PC and Mac.

Starz Play Review

Depending on the method used, Starz Play lets you watch between 1,000 and 2,500 new releases and mainstream films, television show episodes, and musical concerts. The Netflix-Starz partnership is going to continue at least into 2012, and the titles offered are going to continue to be among the best new releases in the video market.

Whether you buy a subscription through Netflix or Verizon, or whether you want to stream through your television, home theater system, cell phone, XBox, or Wii, you can get streaming videos through Starz Play for less than $10 a month.

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