Where And How Can I Download Movies?

Here at AskDeb.com, we often receive emails asking, “Where and how can I download movies?” While the choices are plentiful when it comes to downloading movies online, you need to be aware that not all movie download sites are legal.

In fact, if a site offers you the ability to download movies for free, there’s a good chance that the site isn’t legal. Movie copyrights exist to help the creators of a film make a profit without having their work stolen. If a movie download site isn’t charging you anything, ask yourself, “How would the writer, director and stars of the film be making money off this?”

While plenty of people download movies illegally, there’s always the small chance that such activity could get you into trouble with the law (especially if you download thousands of films). This could result in fines or jail time, and it’s not worth the hassle. For that reason, this article will concentrate on where to download movies legally.

How To Download Movies

For starters, let’s answer the second part of “Where and how can I download movies?” With technology continuing to advance at a rapid rate, downloading movies is usually a simple task. In fact, film buffs can now download movies to iPod or other portable devices.


Keep in mind that movies files are very large, so downloading them to your computer can take a while. This process will take even longer with a dial-up connection, and it might even be impossible in some situations (especially if you occasionally lose your Internet connection).

The best strategy for downloading movies is to do it late at night before you go to bed. There will be less Internet traffic, so the download speed should be improved.

On a PC, try right-clicking on the link to the file and then select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As.” If you’re using a Macintosh, hold the button down while the mouse is over the link, then select “Save Target As” when the menu comes up.

If you experience problems, you can try everything from using a different computer to trying a different browser. You can also use the “Download File” link if your computer doesn’t let you use the “save as” feature.

If you’re trying to download video from a streaming site, you might try software such as Internet Download Manager. This software should allow you to download from any streaming site at up to 20 mb/s.

Reasons To Legally Download Movies

While most people never think much about online movie piracy, there are actually a number of reasons why it’s best to avoid this practice. Here are three things to think about the next time you consider using a free movie download site.

  1. Legal Problems – If the authorities decide to go after you, they’ll be able to track you right back to your IP address. Don’t risk it.
  2. Piracy Increases the Price – As online movie piracy continues, the price for legal movie downloads slowly goes up for the rest of us. This is because the studios have to compensate for all the money they’re losing.
  3. Bootleg Copies Suck – Have you ever seen a bootleg movie? The sound and picture are horrible, and sometimes they’re even shot by someone sneaking a camera into the movie theater.

Where To Download Legal Movies

If you’re still wondering, “Where and how can I download movies,” let’s take a look at three legal movie download sites. You can use these services without fear of criminal charges, and you’ll still have a wide selection of online movie downloads to choose from.

  • The Movie Downloads – A one-time fee of $34.95 gets you a lifetime membership to this legal movie download site. All movies are DVD quality, and they will normally take between 40 and 90 minutes to download.

    Customers can choose from over 80 million movies and television shows, and 24/7 customer support is available to help you with any problems. This service is available to every country on the planet.

  • The Entertainment Magazine On Line (EMOL) – Founded in 1995, this movie download site offers classic movies and television shows which can be legally downloaded to your PC. Movies can also be saved for download to iPods, iPhones and other portable devices.

    You can choose from over 200 movies to download. These include comedy films, horror films, westerns, musicals and more.

    Classic television shows include episodes of Johnny Carson, The Honeymooners, Dick Van Dyke, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show and much more. Current television shows are also available, including The Office and Saturday Night Live.

  • Hulu.com – A joint venture between NBC Universal and NBC News Corps, Hulu offers streaming movies and television shows with no charge to the customer. Short commercials are inserted at several points in the movie or program, and this is what allows Hulu to operate for free.

    Available TV shows from Hulu include 24, The Office, Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica and Saturday Night Live. Movies include The Bourne Identity, Shaun of the Dead, The Usual Suspects and Spider-Man.

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