Where Can I Find Out About Movie Releases And Movie Release Dates?

A lot of movie fans must read AskDeb.com, as I’m always getting asked, “Where can I find out about movie releases and movie release dates?”. Well, the good news is that readers looking for DVD movie release dates and new movie release dates have plenty of quality options to choose from.

New Movie Release Websites

These new movie release websites feature different sets of information about new films and movies new to DVD.

ComingSoon.net – This site offers information on upcoming movie release dates, even as far as three years into the future. Just find the year you’re interested in, click on a month, and then click on a specific date. Each movie entry contains the following information:

  • Release Date
  • Studiocomingsoon-movie-releases
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Cast
  • Genre
  • MPAA rating
  • Link to official website
  • Link to available reviews
  • Link to DVD reviews
  • Link to buying the DVD
  • Movie poster
  • Production stills
  • Plot summary
  • Movie trailer
  • User comments

joblo-movie-release-datesJoblo.com – You can view new movie release dates up to three years in advance, while DVD movie release dates can be viewed up to 12 years in the past. For each release date, you’ll see the name of the film, the date of its release, the average viewer rating (from 1 to 10), genre, studio and any available movie reviews. Joblo.com also offers:

  • Movie trailers
  • Movie wallpapers
  • Movie scripts
  • Movie forums
  • Interviews
  • Screensavers
  • Movie items for sale

movieweb-movie-releaseMovieWeb.com – If you’re still wondering, “Where can I find out about movie releases and movie release dates?”, MovieWeb.com may be the answer you’re looking for. Viewers can search by “Releases this week,” “Releases this month,” or even “Releases this year.” Each entry includes the title of the film, its release date, its rating and a brief synopsis. A special link is also available for readers looking to submit a review of the film. Other site features include:

  • Movie reviews
  • Box office results
  • Movie forums
  • Monthly contests
  • Movie News

movies-releasesMovies.com – With a name like Movies.com, you know they’re going to have a lot of information about the world of cinema. If you’re especially interested in DVD movie release dates, this site updates them from week to week. Each entry includes the title, cast, director, MPAA rating, synopsis, and a link to purchasing the movie at Amazon.com. Other features of Movies.com include:

  • Buzz on upcoming films
  • Information on movies currently playing
  • Movie showtimes
  • Spotlight on upcoming DVDs

metacritic-movie-releasesMetaCritic.com – This site specializes in reviews and upcoming release dates for movies, music and books. Each major movie release of this week is listed, along with a brief synopsis and average movie rating.

Their upcoming release calendar is also helpful, grouping movies by the date in which they hit theaters. The movie ratings are perhaps the most valuable feature of MetaCritic, however, as anywhere from dozens to hundreds of reviews are complied and averaged to provide the films with a reliable ratings system. A perfect answer to the question, “Where can I find out about movie releases and movie release dates?”.

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