Where Can I Watch A Movie Online?

If you own a PC with a high-speed Internet connection, isn’t it time that you considered the question, “Where can I watch a movie online”? Viewing online movies is more convenient than renting, and you’ll also save on gas and general vehicle wear.

Websites That Allow Watching Movies Online

There are some websites that allow watching movies online without even needing to download software. These sites are to be preferred, as downloading anything on the Internet can open your computer up to viruses and pesky adware. If you do download software prior to watching movies online, be certain that it’s a site that you can trust.

Movie and Video Streaming Websites

The following movie and video streaming websites all answer the question, “Where can I watch a movie online?”. Be sure and check them all out before settling on one, as this will give you a better chance of finding the online movie site that’s best for you.

Momomesh.com – If you’re looking for free online movies and TV shows, Momomesh may be just what you’ve been searching for. This site searches through free video hosting sites like YouTube, Stage6 and Veoh to allow you to watch online movies for free. You click on the movie you want to view, and the site will then provide a number of links to sites where that movie can be seen for free.

Many of the sites they link to experience huge traffic, so your free movie watching experience might experience slow loading times. Broken links can also be a problem, so be sure and report any you find. You’ll need at least a 1mbps DSL Internet connection to properly use their service.

In most cases, there is no download required. Sometimes, though, you’ll be asked to install software in order to watch online movies for free. The people at Momomesh recommend software from Tudou.

Momomesh avoids breaking the law by not directly hosting any videos. They simply link to sites that do. That may seem like a fine line, but I guess it keeps the lawyers off their back.


Netflix – If you have an account with Netflix, you’ll be able to watch movies online without downloading any software at all. It’s all included as part of your Netflix membership.

While the regular Netflix service offers thousand upon thousands of movies which can be delivered right to your door, the instant view option is much more limited. Many of the movies are less-than-popular, although you will find an occasional diamond in the rough. A wide range of genres are available, from “foreign movies” to “horror movies.”

Once you select your movie, the Netflix site will take a few seconds to determine your connection speed. Afterwards, your movie will load (never takes more than a minute) and then begin to play. I have a cable Internet connection, and I’ve never experienced any problems.

Hulu – If you don’t feel comfortable watching free online movies on sites that don‘t have the creator‘s permission, you can legally get free online movies and TV shows from Hulu. This service was founded in 2007 by NBC, and they currently offer over 100 movies which can be watched absolutely free without any downloading.

Normally, you can watch movies online without even signing up, but you’ll have to do so if you want to see an R-rated film. Each movie also includes between five and ten minutes of advertising throughout the film. That might sound like a pain, but it’s not really asking much considering you’re getting a legal way to watch popular Hollywood movies for free. Hulu is the perfect answer to, “Where can I watch a movie online?”.

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