Where Is The Best Place To Buy Movies?

When someone asks me, “Where is the best place to buy movies?”, I’m always happy to inform them that they have a number of excellent choices. While many movies can be purchased straight from online retailers, there are other options available which might save you money (especially if you’re not opposed to buying used DVDs).

Places to Buy Movies Online

The following list offers a few solutions to the question of “Where is the best place to buy movies?”. With a little searching, you’ll no doubt be able to find other alternatives. Hopefully, though, these suggestion will more than suffice.

Amazon.com – If you value options such as reliability, price and speed of service, Amazon has to be my top answer for “Where is the best place to buy movies?”. You may be able to find sites which sell movies for less, but my dealings with Amazon have always been smooth and dependable.

Most items you purchase will arrive within the week (faster, if you pay extra), and Amazon also allows other vendors to sell through their site. This means you can get like-new DVDs (and sometimes even brand new DVDs) for very low prices. Just make sure an independent dealer has a high rating and solid track record of service.

Amazon has a huge selection of DVDs available, with items ranging from top movies and TV shows to fitness and instructional videos. New items are constantly being added, and their site is simple to navigate.


eBay – In some ways, eBay is similar to Craigslist. The biggest advantage that eBay has, however, is their rating system for sellers and the fact that many people make their living from selling items on eBay (including movies).

When someone is going to be held accountable for their actions, they’re far less likely to try to sell you junk. Just stick with the sellers who have 1,000 or more positive reviews and you usually can’t go wrong.

EBay uses the bidding system, and there’s always the chance that you’ll be outbid at the last second (this is known as “sniping”). If you’re lucky, though, there will be no other bidders, and you can get your item for a real bargain. “Buy It Now” options are also available, allowing buyers to purchase items without having to undergo the sometime frustrating bid process.

Places to Buy Movies Offline

Your Local Video Store – Most video stores offer movies for sale, although the prices can vary greatly. Used movies can often be found for reasonable prices, and sometimes 2-for-1 deals are also offered.

In my experience, the Hastings chain (which specializes in music, movies and books) offers the best prices around on new and used movies. If a used DVD isn’t in perfect playing condition, you can simply return it and get your money back. Other options for buying movies include Blockbuster, Movie Gallery and Family Video (the three largest video rental chains in the U.S.).

Craigslist.com – Like a massive online garage sale, Craigslist.com features people selling items from all over the country. It might not be the best place to buy movies, but you’ll have a shot at getting some really great deals. The downside is that you never know what’s going to be listed, and there’s not much recourse if you’re unsatisfied with your product.

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