Where to Rent Movies

I get emails all the time from people wanting to know, “Where do you rent movies?”. The following article discusses where to rent movies, and it goes into detail about places where you can

rent movies online
and off.

Whether you’re looking for new release movies or cheap DVD rentals, the home video market has a business model designed to meet your needs. And thanks to recent innovations, you can even get your movie rentals delivered to your mailbox or pick them up at your favorite supermarket.

Renting Movies from Redbox

stands out from the crowd in that it’s not a regular video store. In fact, it’s not a store at all.

Redbox allows customers to rent DVDs through automated kiosks at places like Giant, Smith’s Food & Drug Stores, Stop & Shop and McDonald’s. The cost is $1 per night, and there are no hidden or late fees.

To take advantage of this DVD rental service, you’ll first need to go online and browse their large selection of movies. When you’ve found the movies you’re looking for, reserve them via the website.

Finally, travel to one of the 12,000 Redbox locations in the United States and pick up your movies. You’ll need to bring a
credit card along in order to pay for the rental.

After watching your movies, you can drop them off at any Redbox kiosk (regardless of where you picked them up). The ability to drop off the films at any kiosk makes Redbox one of the most convenient options in the modern-day video rental business.

Renting Movies from Blockbuster


nother answer to the question “Where do you rent movies?“ is Blockbuster Video, the world’s largest video rental chain. Besides the thousands of stores across the United States, they have an additional 2,600 locations outside of the country.

In an effort to compete with Netflix, the company has also started an
online movie business. When it’s time to start renting movies from Blockbuster, you’ll find over 90,000 online titles to choose from. There are no deadlines or late fees for the online rentals from Blockbuster.

The online plan from Blockbuster offers two options:

  • Blockbuster by Mail – Rent movies online, receive them in the mail and then return them via mail. Movies can also be returned to a local Blockbuster store and exchanged for discounts on video game rentals and DVDs.
  • Blockbuster Total Access – With this plan, you’ll be able to return movies you ordered over the Internet to a physical Blockbuster location and receive free movie rentals or discounted video games. You may also choose to return the movie by mail.

Renting Movies from Netflix

is an innovative online
movie rental service which allows the customer to have movies delivered right to their door. The customer can keep the DVD as long as they want, and there are never any late fees or hidden charges.

Many of the movies on the Netflix website are also available for instant viewing on your computer (or Xbox 360). Just log in, select the “Instant View” option for the film you’re interested in, and your movie will begin playing within seconds.

Netflix also offers instant viewing of over 12,000 movies on your television. You’ll need a high-speed connection and a special device for this purpose (the special device costs around $100).

The following subscription plans are available from Netflix (Note: Netflix customers do not have to pay shipping and handling for movies they receive).:

  • 1 at-a-time (2 a month) – The customer can get up to 2 movies per month for only $4.99. Two hours of instant watching time is available.
  • 1 at-a-time (unlimited) – $8.99 for unlimited viewing time each month. One movie at a time.
  • 2 at-a-time (unlimited) – For $13.99 per month, a subscriber can watch unlimited hours of instant programming, plus have up to 2 movies out at once.
  • 3 at-a-time (unlimited) – $16.99 per month. Up to three movies out and unlimited time to watch instant movies.
  • 4 at-a-time (unlimited) – Four movies at a time and unlimited instant movies for $23.99.
  • 5 at-a-time (unlimited) – $29.99 per month.
  • 6 at-a-time (unlimited) – $35.99 per month.
  • 7 at-a-time (unlimited) – $41.99 for seven movies at a time and unlimited instant viewing.
  • 8 at-a-time (unlimited) – $47.99 for eight movies and unlimited instant viewing.

Renting Movies from Movie Gallery

The second largest movie store in the U.S., Movie Gallery has thousands of stores to choose from. Besides renting movies and video games, they also sell new and used versions of their rental items.

The franchise was formed in 1985, and it rapidly grew to 37 stores (and $6 million in revenue) by 1992. By 1996, Movie Gallery had grown to over 850 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

This expansion continued until Movie Gallery was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2007. The company restructured the way they did business, and Movie Gallery emerged from Chapter 11 in 2008.

Renting Movies from Family Video

Family Video is the third largest movie and game retailer in the United States (550 stores). They are also privately owned and employ over 5,000 people in 18 states.

Family Video was first started in 1978. After finding themselves in possession of a large number of movie videos, Charlie Hoogland and his employees decided to rent them out for profit. The idea was a success, and now Eric and Keith Hoogland (Charlie’s sons) run the company.

If someone asks you, “Where do you rent movies?”, you’ll be able to mention Family Video with pride. No explicit films are rented in their stores, and great attention is taken to create an environment which the whole family can enjoy.

Family Video also sells used movies at their stores and online. The prices on these items are often as low as $2.99.

Feedback Wanted

So where do you rent movies? Do you like to stick to the chains, or is there a hometown video store that you’re partial to?

If you know a great movie rental store that we’ve overlooked, be sure to drop us a line. Who knows? Maybe we’ll mention them in a future article and send some extra business their way.