Who Is Megan Fox?

Megan Fox Profile

Megan Fox is a Hollywood actress and sex symbol who has appeared in such movies as Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

She is also a mainstay on “most beautiful” lists in magazines like Maxim and FHM, and is one of the most downloaded women on the Internet. Though she has never received wide acclaim for her acting skills, this brunette is known by every fan boy, and is widely considered one of the most desirable women in contemporary films.

Like many aspiring actors and actresses, Megan Fox got her start on television, with successful stints on tv shows like Ocean Ave. and Hope & Faith. She also has made lesser known appearances on televisions shows like Two and a Half Men and What I Like About You, as well as two made-for-tv movies.

Who Is Megan Fox?

I’m sure, like millions of others across America, I first remember seeing her on an episode of Two and a Half Men and thinking, “Who in the world is that hottie!” With her role as the love interest in the Transformers movies, Megan Fox made those otherwise unwatchable movies (if you’re an adult) extremely interesting, and we can only hope she continues to appear in what’s certain to be a long series of awful movies, though she claims she’s done with the Transformers movies, because she doesn’t want to be type-cast (chew on that one for a minute).

Megan Fox on Television

Here is a full list of television appearances by Megan Fox, who got her start in the 2001 made-for-television drama, Holiday in the Sun. As you might imagine, she tends to play the role of the smoking hot vixen, though that wasn’t always the case.

Megan Fox Television Roles

  • Holiday in the Sun (movie) – 2001
  • Ocean Avenue – 2002-03
  • What I like About You – 2003
  • Crimes of Fashion (movie) – 2004
  • Two and a Half Men – 2004
  • The Help – 2004
  • Hope & Faith – 2004-06

Megan Fox Movies

Of course, what got the attention of the general public was Megan Fox’s roles on the silver screen. While she turned heads in the forgettable Bad Boys II, it was in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen that Fox began to get noticed by a wider audience, where she played the foil for star Lindsay Lohan. After a three year hiatus from Hollywood movie roles to accept a recurring role on Hope & Faith, she had her first starring role in a mega-hit, with the 2007 original Transformers movie.

Megan Fox Film Roles

  • Bad Boys II – 2003
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen – 2004
  • Transformers – 2007
  • How to Lose Friends & Alienate People – 2008
  • Whore – 2008
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – 2009
  • Jennifer’s Body – 2009
  • Jonax Hex – 2010
  • Passion Play – 2010

It’s interesting to note that, for all the considerable attention and fame Megan Fox has received, she hasn’t really appeared in that many big name movies. One of her first vehicles truly for her, Jennifer’s Body, was a disappointment at the box office. Even some of her fans expressed difficulty getting through the entire movie, despite Megan being on-display throughout most scenes of the film. The Jonah Hex movie was another disappointment.

On the positive side, many actors have their duds, and Megan Fox is bound to continue to light up the screen for years to come, so she’s bound to have better results in the future. Once thing is for certain: she should be hot for some time to come, so expect to see her remain one of Hollywood’s most popular beauties, regardless of her box office results. Not everything about Megan Fox is based around films, though: she also appeared in the 2010 Eminem music video, “Love The Way You Life”.

Megan Fox Personal Life

Megan Fox has been in a long term relationship with Brian Austin Green (of 90210 fame) since 2004, when the two met on the set of Hope & Faith. (Brian was 30, Megan was 18.) Since then, they have been engaged twice, broke up for a while in 2009, and eventually married in 2010.

According to past interviews, Megan Fox has dabbled with bisexuality in the past, apparently “falling in love” with a female stripper when she was 18. She is also a fan of comic books, video games, and anime. In other words, roll it all together and she is a geeky fanboy’s perfect woman. Damn you, Brian Austin Green.

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