Why Did Actress Lucy Gordon Commit Suicide?

Why did actress Lucy Gordon commit suicide?

British actress Lucy Gordon, famous for playing reporter Jennifer Dugan in Spiderman 3, has reportedly committed suicide in her Paris apartment, according to France-Info radio. The report was released Thursday, May 21. Lucy Gordon took her own life by hanging on Wednesday, just two days before she would have turned 29 years old.

Police in the French capital said the body of the 28 year old Gordon, who was picked recently to become the new Jane Birkin in a film about the life of French pop singer Serge Gainsbourg, was found hanging from the ceiling of her mansion block apartment near the River Seine.

Said one officer who was in her apartment: “It was a horrific scene. The young woman had taken her own life in terrible circumstances. We are not seeking anyone else. It was a clear case of suicide.”

As far as why Lucy Gordon took her own life, we may never know. Police report there was no suicide note, and so far no one as stepped forward to fill in the blanks missing from this terrible story.

The actress, born in Oxford, had also worked as a model, but was perhaps best known to American audiences as the woman who played the character Jennifer Dugan in the third instalment of Spiderman.

She appeared in around a dozen other films, after making her big screen debut in 2001. Gordon has two films that are still in post production — “Cineman”, a French thriller, and the aforementioned biopic about the French star songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Trailers for the movie were broadcast at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week. The film’s Director Joann Sfar and producers Marc du Pontavice and Didier Lupfer said in a statement: “(The movie) owes a lot to the generosity, gentleness and immense talent of Lucy Gordon.”

Gordon was set to appear as Swinging 60s actress and singer Jane Birkin, a coveted role that many insiders were surprised went to so little known of an actress. Miss Gordon’s good looks and passion for France and all things French probably won her comparisons to Birkin in real life, leading to her casting in that role.

The Gainsbourg biopic, Vie Heroique, is currently being previewed at the Cannes Film Festival. A Cannes festival organiser said: “We are devastated by this news. All those attending the festival had been hugely impressed by Lucy’s work. She was a star in the making.”

Lucy Gordon’s agents confirmed Gordon’s suicide.

Gordon had only recently moved to Paris from New York, and was set to celebrate her birthday. She has been working more and more lately, including a role in the cult film Brief Interviews with Hideous Men — a film based on a book written by David Foster Wallace, who also took his life in the past year.

Since her debut in the 2001 movie Perfume, Lucy Gordon has appeared in a variety of films, including French director Cedric Klapisch’s The Russian Dolls, American filmmaker John Krasinski’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and Spiderman 3. She had just finished making the bio-pic about Serge Gainsbourg when news of her suicide reached the film world.

Her last two films will be premiering over the next two years. Cineman will have its French premiere in the summer of 2009, while Vie Heroique is set for a potential Fall 2010 release in America.