Caravan Dance Version by Duke Ellington

Dear sir/madam,

A week ago I heard a song, but I cannot find it anywhere because I don’t know the title.

The song is a sort of dance/disco like and uses the jazz classic “Caravan” as bassline/melody. The song sounds kind of mysteriously and a bit “arabic”, but this could be perception.

From what I remember the song was not called Caravan (I have a service called TrackID on my cell phone(which gives you information about the song played);I used TrackID, but I can’t recall the information again). In the song there are not many lyrics used and the word “Caravan” is not used at all. Would it be possible for you to give me the title of this song or the group who performed it?

I hope I’ve have informed you properly and I thank you in advance,

Tom Scholing

The Netherlands

Dear Tom,

It’s possible the song you’re looking for is “Caravan” by Timo Maas featuring Finlay Quaye. The song appeared as the 13th track on Timo Maas’s 2002 album, Lost. (Though there are two copies sold on Amazon, and one version of the album replaces “Caravan” with a Paul Oakenfold song. Remember to be sure and get the right album when buying the product on Amazon or elsewhere.) I believe this song uses Caravan by Duke Ellington as a bass line, but it also is an electronic dance tune in the fashion of most Timo Maas songs.

“Caravan” by Timo Maas does have one mention of the word “caravan” very late in the song, but the rest of the lyrics seem different from the original version of the song. There are one or two instances of Arabic-sounding singing mixed into the track, so this might account for the fact that this version of “Caravan” has a slightly Arabic feel.

The inclusion of this song on the album is likely due to Timo Maas’s collaboration of Finley Quaye, who is the godson of Duke Ellington.

Finlay Quaye


Finlay Quaye’s birthplace was Scotland and he is a British musician born to a long line of British musicians, including his father, Cab Kaye, and his noted brother, guitarist Caleb Kaye. Finlay’s aunt is noted English singer, pianist and percussionist, Terri Kaye. Finlay Kaye was heavily inspired by jazz music, though he is a versatile musician who won one major award for reggae music.

Timo Maas

Timo Maas is an electronic dj and mixer who has had three solo albums and whose singles have appeared on many electronic music compilations, as well as video game soundtracks like FIFA Football 2003 and The Sims 2: Nightlife. Timo Maas’s 2002 album, Lost, on which “Caravan” appears, was considered an album that would bridge the gap between Maas’s hardcore electronic releases before and a more mainstream audience of dance music lovers.

Caravan by Duke Ellington

Caravan has been covered so many times that it’s hard to know if this is the song you’re looking for, Tom. If the Timo Maas and Finlay Quaye version of “Caravan” is not the version you’re looking for, write back and I’ll start the search for your tune again.

Good Day.