How Can I Learn How To Sing?

While there are many people that are born with the natural gift of singing, even they too need to practice to get better. All of your favorite singers at one point or another have probably have had lessons and help from professional coaches. Is it possible for you to become the next big star? While we can not guarantee that, we can try to give you some pointers on how to become a better singer. Provided below is a list of tips to use while learning how to sing. Most the tips provide you with suggestions on how to breath better and allow more air in when you inhale. In no time flat you will be singing on a stage in front of thousands instead of by yourself in the shower.

Learning to Sing Breathing Exercises

Breathing and controlling how you breath is the most important thing you can do. You want your body to be relaxed and standing preferably.

  • You will want to keep your arms slightly to your side and in front of you. This is so your rib cage can expand as much as possible when you inhale. Air allows you to project your voice much stronger and clearer.
  • When you inhale, push out your stomach to allow your rib cage to expand and as you exhale your stomach should come back in.
  • Good posture is important. You should not be hunched over, but sitting up tall and relaxed.
  • A very good tip is to push down on your stomach as you are singing. This should help you reach higher notes.

    You will find that using your stomach muscles are very important as they will allow you to reach certain notes and allow you to finish sentences where you would normally be out of breath.

Practice these breathing techniques until they are habit.

How to Practice Singing


You will want to use a recorder when you practice. Take notes on the keys you miss and where you seem to be needing to work harder. Practice these immediately instead of finishing the song because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to change these habits.

  • When you practice, sing and project your voice to the back of the wall. You will want to be sure that everyone, even those in the very back, can hear you.
  • Find your natural voice. Forcing yourself to either sing quietly or loudly will result in more mistakes and an unnatural sounding voice.
  • Be sure to stop to have water frequently
  • Give your vocal cords rest frequently at first. They are similar to muscles and need time to grow.
  • Do not smoke.

The absolute best tip to give on how to learn how to sing is to practice. Practice whenever you can whether you practice singing or breathing exercises. You will find that with a little bit of practice and hard work, that singing fairly well can actually be much easier than you thought. Not to mention that you can “wow” your friends and family with your newfound talent!