How Do I Choose Good Music For Cheerleading?

Choosing good music for cheerleading routines is harder than it would seem. First, you have to choose high-energy songs. Second, you have to remember that a high-energy cheerleading song isn’t just a quick beat, but a good cheerleading song is catchy, memorable and likable. And third, you have to choose songs that the judges haven’t heard a half-dozen other times in your cheerleading competition.

So when you choose good music for cheerleading, you’re going to have to search through a lot of music that won’t make the cut. Because some cheerleader competitions require or reward song mixes with more than one good cheerleading song, you’ll have to find several good cheerleading music selections, as well as selections which mix well together. Finally, you’ll need to have a seemless mix of those songs, because awkward transitions damage the synergy of your cheerleading routine.

That last point can be helped with a good cheerleading music mixing company. This lets you focus on choreography instead of becoming a remix producer, which is a waste of your creativity and cheerleading time. I’ll get back to that later, but for now let’s focus on choosing good cheering music.

10 Tips For Finding Cheerleader Music

Here are 10 tips for finding cheerleader music.

  1. Don’t Be Boring – The #1 rule is to avoid boring music. Some songs might sound great in the car or on your mp3 player, but just drone on when they are blaring in a big auditorium. Find songs with good definition that aren’t going to sound like one big beat in a cheerleading competition.
  2. Have Fun – Find music which is fun to listen to. You want to turn your routine into a celebration, so don’t choose music that’s angst-ridden. Don’t choose cheerleading music that you wouldn’t play at a happening party. Be entertaining.
  3. Keep It Fast – The beat of your cheerleading music should have a good beat, by all means. Make sure the music beat is around 136-144 beats per minute, which equals about 2.2 to 2.4 beats per second. That’s going to be fast, but it isn’t going to drone to the audience.
  4. good-music-cheerleading
    Find the Right Music Genre
    – Rock music and rap music are great song selections for cheerleading. A good hip-hop beat is probably better than rock on average, because it’s made to dance to. But you want music which fits well with your cheerleading unit’s skills and personality, so don’t try to make a cheerleading song fit when it doesn’t.
  5. Look Through Party Mixes and Dance Mixes – Most music stores are going to have party mix CDs. Check out these mixes, especially at stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders which let you preview or listen to the party mixes before you buy them. If you’re doing your research at home, then give them a listen on Amazon or YouTube. If you can’t find the right mixes in the party mix cds, then take a look at dance mixes and even trance mixes (though some of the trance songs might be too fast or repetitive for your uses, so be careful).
  6. Avoid What Everyone Else Is Playing – Have your music stand out, as long as it stands out for the right reasons. If everyone is playing a hip-hop rhythms, try something that stands out from the pack. Ultimately, high quality cheerleading music and high quality mixes are going to win out, but if the last 8 routines have used rap beats, then throwing something different at the cheerleading judges is probably going to be welcome relief to them. The cardinal rule is to avoid songs which other cheerleading squads have used, so don’t make the obvious choices.

Good Music For Cheerleading Routine Mixes

Another thing to consider is spending the money to hire a professional music mixes to produce your cheerleading routine mix. The mix will sound better and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to get a professional mix, even if the team has to chip in to make it happen. Once you hear the music mix, you can even get new songs added into the routine for around $50 at websites like To avoid having having a bad selection, make certain the service gives you samples of all the cheerleading music in your routine.

All in all, this allows you and the other cheerleaders to spend your time on choreography and practice. Choose good cheerleading music, make your suggestions to the professional music mix producers and then focus on building the perfect routine for your great cheerleading music.