How Does Yahoo Music Work?

Yahoo Music provides Internet radio and a number of music services to its users. YahooMusic also provides music videos, music news and music artist information & bios, as well as original music programming to visitors. Yahoo! Music is both a media player and an online music site. Here’s how you navigate the site and use it for your musical needs.

LAUNCHcast Internet Radio

LAUNCHcast is the Yahoo Music internet radio service, similar to iTunes radio. Internet visitors to Launchcast can sort songs through such interface tools as genre, album title, song title and artist name. People will find several hundred thousand music files which can be accessed on the site. In early 2009, LAUNCH Cast will merge with CBS Music, giving Yahoo! Music a more robust radio network.

When using Launchcast, people can build entire playlists of favorite songs or even favored radio stations. The launchcast software sorts songs according to user suggestions, according to the aforementioned artist, album or genre. Also, you can find music which other users with similar music tastes (through a ratings system) recommend. You don’t have to use the rating system, though you get better results if you do.

Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox

“Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox” once allowed song files to be ripped and burned from CDs, eventually transferring music files to portable mp3 players and USB flash drives. Yahoo Music Jukebox also allowed members of “Yahoo Messenger” to perform certain tasks on the Yahoo Music site. As of the summer of 2008, this service was no longer possible, because this function was bought by Rhapsody. Yahoo Music Unlimited was also purchased by Rhapsody.

MusicMatch Jukebox allows you to purchase and manage bought content through the “My Station” function on the Yahoo! Music website. Users are encouraged by Yahoo Music to use MusicMatch Jukebox, which is an upgraded version of Yahoo Music Jukebox.

Yahoo! Messenger Music


Subscribers to Yahoo Messenger can stream music from one person to another, accessing each other’s playlists. Members can add entire songs to their Music Jukebox playlist, while non-members are limited to a thirty second sample of the same song. Note that streaming music and streaming videos is not the same as file sharing or downloading music, so you are not paying for the ability to share music files with one another directly.

Yahoo Homepage Music

When you get to the Y! Music homepage, you’ll first see links for music “videos”, “radio”, “downloads”, “artists” and music “exclusives”. You’ll also find a search engine function at the top of the home page, by typing in what you’re searching for and hitting the “search music” button. If you have questions about how to use the Yahoo music website, you can also hit the “learn more” button.

On the site, you’ll find the “Top 100 Charts”, where to see your local concerts, “music news” and featured music blogs. Like iTunes, you’ll also be able to search through Yahoo!’s featured radio stations by hitting the “today’s big hits” and “play station” links.

You’ll notice in the middle of the home page of Yahoo music links for videos, songs, albums and artists. This is the heart of Yahoo Music, because this is the easiest way you can listen to new music selections and watch new music videos.

Other Yahoo Music Options

You can listen to millions of free tunes by clicking on “Rhapsody Unlimited” at the bottom of the home page. Also, use “Yahoo! Music Backstage” for news about the hottest music stars and music videos, or just take a lot at all the music charts.

Yahoo Music Information

“Yahoo Music” was named “LAUNCH” when it was launched by Yahoo! in 2001. The company changed its name to “Yahoo! Music”, and then changed it to its current name — “Y! Music” — in 2005.

Y! Music is one of the most popular internet music websites in the world. Yahoo Music was the #1 online music site in March 2007, in terms of “time spent” and “audience reached”.