What Is Music Technology?

Music technology describes the technological equipment used mainly to compose, perform, record, store and play back modern music.

People can study music technology at the university level, giving them a firm grounding in everything from music craft to today’s commercial music business. Because new music technology creates new techniques and opportunities to explore musically, this field of music helps to spur new music and new forms of musical creativity in today’s artists.

What Is Music Technology School?

If you were to attend a college to study “Music Technology”, you could study acoustic science, which is the study of sound and sound techniques. Others might study “music programming”, which is the use of electronic devices such as computer programs and sequencers to create your own music in the studio. Both hip hop music and electronic or ambient music like “trance music” and “chill music” use programming these days. Other forms of pop music and rock music also include music programming techniques, though these practice is not as prevalent.

Music technology also includes more practical fields of study in the music industry, such as the study of business practices in the record industry. Even music psychology might be considered part of the music technology field, though this is more debatable.

Music Technology Innovation

Music technology innovation has two aspects: technological innovation and musical creativity. Music technology innovation develops new devices to spur creativity, while improving old music devices to make music recording more affordable, easier to produce and available for a wider audience.


On the other hand, music technology and creativity is simply finding new forms of expression and using new technology to produce new sounds or new patterns of sounds. Technology makes it easier for one person to produce entertaining music in the comforts of their own home, while it increases the ability of the music producer to either cover or expand the scope of a music artist’s compositions and performances. Some have complained about the tyranny of the producer in the current age of popular music, because a talented producer can use music technology to hide the relative lack of talent of the musical artist being recorded.

What Is Music Technology Software?

Music technology software is the present and appears to be the future mainstream of music technology. Sequencer software can be used to record audio clips and MIDI sequences. The producer can then sequence these clips in any way he or she sees fit, editing, processing and duplicating them in an endless array of patterns in a process called sound engineering.

As music technology advances, it is presumed that new avenues for sound creativity will open. By its very nature, these advances and the creative process these advances will inspire are hard to predict. What is certain is that “music technology” looks like it will be a larger and larger part of the artistic process in music in the years and decades to come.

Learning a field of music technology is more technical now than ever, so a sound technician, sound engineer or producer should attempt to learn these skills in a formal college setting, if possible. If you want to enter the music industry, consider learning about music industry business techniques, because the recording labels and music production companies needs talented executives now more than ever, in the challenging and increasingly democratized music industry landscape brought on by the internet revolution.