What Is The Best Music Download Site?

There are so many great music download sites out there, that it’s hard to pick out just one. In fact, everybody has different download preferences, different mp3 players with different compatibilities and completely disparate ideas about what makes a good music download site. So I’ll go over some of the big name options with the biggest music files archives and the fastest download times on the internet. There may be one out there that’s better than these, but I haven’t come across it yet.

iTunes Music Downloads

iTunes was the first music download site built to download music to iPods, and it remains the best if you own an iPod or iPhone and you want to download music into it. There’s a huge advantage to having one company design both your music download website and your music file storage device. Plain and simple, there just aren’t as many compatibility problems. It’s like having all the original parts on your car; you might get perfectly good replacement parts, but they won’t be as good of a fit for your car as the original.

iTunes has a store for music, movies, tv shows and podcasts. To help research the best new music, you can click on iTunes radio to hundreds of American and international radio stations to listen to the best new music. Once you’ve figured out what you want to download, follow the “iTunes Store” link to buy the music downloads you want. Just about every song file is $0.99.

On iTunes, you can also set playlists of recommended songs to listen to while you’re on your computer. These include the party shuffle, “my top rated”, “recently added”, “recently played” and the “Top 25 Most Played”. You can also browse songs through suggested genres like alternative rock, electronica & dance, jazz, classical, latin, pop, rock and world.

But I’m a Mac freak, so I would say that iTunes is the best place to download music. Here are other options, if you aren’t sold yet.

Zune Music Downloads?


ZuneMusic is Microsoft’s answer to iTunes. The Zunes storage devices are Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. You get the point. Zune was built to do everything that iTunes does for Apple. It’s a competitor, and you’ll find Zune mp3 file storage devices everywhere you shop for electronics.

If you want a full recap of Zune Music, you might check out our page where I answer a question about what Zune music exactly is. Here’s the overview.

Zune Music is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Zune mp3 players like Zune 4, Zune 8, Zune 16, Zune 80 and Zune 120 are compatible with the site, too. It’s always nice to have an mp3 storage device that’s made to work with a website, so you get that advantage using all-Zune music technology.

Zune tunes include the hottest ep releases on the charts today, as well as a large archive of free songs. You can search through fourteen different Zune music genres, as well as the “everything else” category.

Yahoo! Music Downloads?

Yahoo Music or Y! Music seems to always be changing, with name changes and certain features sold off and others combined into services like Rhapsody and MusicMatch Jukebox. It can get a little confusing at times. Still, Yahoo has been the #1 most-visted music download site as recently as the Spring of 2007, so you don’t want to discuss the Yahoo Music Marketplace as anything but a well-traveled, first-rate music download service.

Best Online Music Sites

Well, there you go. I believe iTunes is still the best music online music site, though Zune-users will probably find that Zune Music is the best option for them. Also, Yahoo Music is a top competitor, so if you are using an mp3 player that isn’t a Zune Device or iPod, you might have just as much luck with Y! Music.

The answer to this questions depends and your wants and needs. If you want free music downloads, that becomes a whole different question. But if you are looking for the best music download site for paid downloads, you want something with lots of music files, good support and a solid reputation. That’s why I’m suggesting these sites, because they are known reputable companies with a long track record in the music download industry.