What is the Music Score For Numb3rs Episode 23 May 15th?

Deb –

can you tell me the name of the song from the Friday may 15th show; opening scene? I’ve spent hours looking and can’t find any clues.



Dear Mark,

I’m pretty sure the song you’re looking for is “The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven” by the Black Angels. I had meant to include the lyrics to The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven, but apparently, finding the lyrics to the song is harder than finding the song itself. The Black Angels are perhaps best known for their song, Dead Young Men, off the album Passover (2006). They have released 2 albums to date, including their latest in 2008, Direction To See a Ghost. Here’s the quick scoop on the Black Angels.

The Black Angels are a psychedelic band based out of Austin, Texas. Their membership includes Alex Mass on vocals, Christian Bland on guitar, Kyle hunt on guitar and keyboards, Nate Ryan on bass and guitar and Stephanie Bailey on drums. The Black Angels’ purpose in forming a band is, according to Tommy Hall, to quest for “pure sanity” by altering their mental states and achieving a point of view where all objects relate “horizontally” and not vertically or hierarchically.

Whether The Black Angels have found the enlightened state they were originally seeking, they have found remarkable success since their formation in May of 2004. The band released its first album, Passover, in 2006. Before that, the Black Angels had a song on the 2005 two-disc psychedelic compilation album, Psychedelica Volume 1. Another song was featured in Death Sentence, a Kevin Bacon film released in 2007. Besides their song’s appearance on Numb3ers, the Black Angels had a song appear on the 2nd episode of Fringe. They have appeared on television on Beautiful Noise (Rave TV in the U.S., Sun TV in Canada) and The Daily Habit (Fuel TV). In August of 2007, the Black Angels played at a Lollapalooza show in Chicago, while the Black Angels MySpace page has attracted a growing following for the band. For more about visi The Black Angels official website.


For those not familiar with Numb3rs (pronounced “numbers”), it is a show about an FBI investigator and his mathematical genius brother, who uses his geeky genius to help them solve seemingly unsolvable crimes. The episode of Numb3rs in question is the Season Finale of Numb3rs Season 5, Angels & Devils. Amita is kidnapped and James Callis (Dr. Baltar on Battlestar Galactica) guests stars as the primary suspect. Charlie (the mathematical genius) sets aside his personal feelings to find the woman he loves, then proposes to her at the end of the episode. Her answer was not shown, which supplies the season’s cliffhanger ending.

Hope this helps.