What Is Zune Music?

“Zune” is the brand name for a popular product line of portable media players created by Microsoft in cooperation with Toshiba. These MP3 players were designed to compete against iPods, and the portable media players and Zune Windows-embedded software is designed to interface with “Zune Marketplace”, a website for downloading online music, online videos and podcasts.

“Zune music” is a website where someone can download files to their i-Pod, including music files, podcasts, music videos, tv videos, movies, games and audiobooks. Pretty much anything that can be downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player can be downloaded on Zune.com. Zune software interfaces with both Windows Vista and Windows XP, so people can buy song files, rip audio from their CDs, add music videos and manage music files once they’re in the format. Since our focus is “music downloads“, I’ll focus on Zune music.

When you go to the Zune Music homepage, you’ll find categories like “artist of the week”, “free songs” and “deluxe ep”. You can also browse by genre, top songs, top albums and top artists. Interestingly, each selection on Zune music shows how many times that particular song, album or artist has been played.

Top Artists on Zune Music

For instance, when you find the “Top Artists” section of ZuneMusic, you’ll see the Top 5 most-played artists of the week. Click on “all time” and you’ll find information on the most-downloaded artists all time on Zune.

Downloading on Zune Music – Zune Marketplace


When you first download on Zune music, you’ll be taken to the “Zune Marketplace”. If you don’t have the software to interface with Zune music, you’ll have the choices “I have it” or “I need it”. If you click on “I need it”, you’ll end up downloading the software needed to operate on the Zune Music Marketplace. This software is easy to download, is non-invasive and does not obligate you in any way to buy products on Zune.

If you have trouble with the Zune download, contact Zune through the “support” link. Visitors who are concerned about downloading software onto their computer should read the privacy statement, terms of service and “safety” page.

Zune Music Genres

There are 14 different music genres offered at the Zune Music Marketplace. These include rock, hip hop, r&b and soul, pop, electronic and dance, Latin, reggae and dancehall, world, country, classical, jazz, blues & folk, comedy & spoken word, Christian & gospel, soundtracks and kids’. For those rare items that don’t fit into one of those fourteen categories, there is a more music category, too.

Zune MP3 Models

Zune 30 was the original product offered by Microsoft and Toshiba, in an attempt to compete with the Apple ipod. Since that time, improvements have been made to the product. Here is a current run-down of the Zune music products you can buy to interface with the Zune Marketplace online store.

Zune MP3 Music

Note that Zune Products won’t hold the maximum number above on all three file types above, but some combination of the three. For instance, the Zune 4 will hold 1000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 12 hours of videos, but not all three at once. You can load 1000 songs. You can load 25,000 pictures. You can load 12 hours of video. Zune users can mix and match these files, but you won’t be able to hold the maximum of each.

Model Type Price Songs Held Pictures Held Video Limit by Hours
Zune 4 $99.99 1,000 25,000 12 hours
Zune 8 $139.99 2,000 25,000 24 hours
Zune 16 $179.99 4,000 25,000 48 hours
Zune 80 $229.99 20,000 25,000 250 hours
Zune 120 $249.99 30,000 25,000 375 hours

You can hold 500 songs and 6 hours of videos. Of you can hold 500 songs and 25,000 pictures. Or you might be able to hold 500 songs, 6,250 pictures and 3 hours of video.

But for $100, you can buy a Zune Music Mp3 player which holds a thousand songs at a time. You’ll be able to go to the Zune Marketplace and download music from their site.