Where Can You Download Karaoke Music?

Most sites which allow music downloads also have software for downloading karaoke music. The selection might not be as large as the downloadable commercial music from the original artists, but you’ll be able to find a wide selection of songs on your larger karaoke download sites.

iTunes Karaoke Downloads

If you don’t know by now, iTunes is the proprietary music software download site which Apple Computers introduced way back in 2001 to help people download music to their Apple products. These days, iTunes is the primary resource for downloading music, movies, videos and podcasts to their iPods and iPhones. It has been copied many times. Itunes also lets you connect to hundreds of radio stations worldwide in every music genre known to mankind, so you can find the music you want to download.

i-Tunes allows people to download karaoke music, too. If you have trouble finding the karaoke section, just type the word “karaoke” into the “Search iTunes Store” search box at the top right hand corner of the iTunes interface. You can download karaoke CDs for less than you’ll be able to find them in most karaoke stores, which generally have a huge markup on their CDs. Most karaoke CDs on iTunes will cost $9.99. You can find everything from Broadway showtunes karaoke selections to hip hop karaoke tunes. If you prefer selecting one song at a time, you can buy karaoke per-song at a rate of $0.99 for each song.

Zunes Karaoke Downloads


Zunes doesn’t have as large a karaoke selection as iTunes, but you can find over 300 karaoke albums on the Zune Marketplace song download site. You might remember from a previous article that Zunes Marketplace is Microsoft’s answer to iTunes: an online stop for Zune users to download music onto their Zunes mp3 player.

Napster Karaoke Downloads

Napster has their own karaoke song downloads page, and it is one of the most complete karaoke catalogues on the internet. With over 7,000,000 songs to download, you’ll find a (much smaller but) sizable karaoke playlist on Napster. This isn’t the Napster of ten years ago, of course. These days, Napester is owned by Best Buy, so you’ll be paying for each download. Highlighting this point is the Napster front page, which these days has a woman come onscreen and try to sell you on how great Napster is and why you should sign up. That’s annoying, since navigating to Napster implies you’re probably already interested in their services and don’t want to hear a sales pitch. Still, the site itself is pretty awesome, and I would suggest you go directly to Napster’s artist search to avoid all that mess.

Once you get to the Napster Karaoke page, you’ll see a list of “top tracks” and “top albums”, to show what the hottest-selling karaoke choices are these days. Strangely, the “Happy Birthday” singalong song is the most downloaded karaoke song at the moment, while “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (of all things) is #4. Go figure. You’ll also find links to the left of this page to individual recording artists, if you want to see what an individual music act has to offer on Napster.

Where Can You Download Karaoke Music For Free?

This is a tricky question. First of all, it’s illegal to download copyrighted material. There has been a decade of battles between the music recording industry and the peer-to-peer music downloading websites, with the big recording companies enforcing music licenses by suing the peer-to-peer download sites and prosecuting selected music downloaders (seemingly at random). These days, record companies employ people whose job is to search the internet searching for the sites and the people who download pirated material, and karaoke music is no different.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of karaoke download sites which offer “free karaoke music” or “free karaoke downloads”, but most of these are actually trying to sell you karaoke music instead. The “free” is just a ruse to get you to their website, which is frustrating. If you want to check out free music online, I might suggest you go to limewire.com, because it’s one of the biggest peer-to-peer websites which still offers free downloads. Frankly, I’m not sure how Limewire skates by, because the record industry has to know about them. Other sites to look at are “EXTracks”, “Great Karaoke Catalog”, “KaraFun”, “Blaze Audio” and “Mr. Free Free”, but I think several of those are sites which promise free and end up charging you, so let the buyer (or free downloader) beware.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend getting music free off the internet. Technically, free online music is illegal and I don’t want to advocate you doing anything illegal. The chances of being prosecuted are small, but the chances of getting struck by lightning are small, and I wouldn’t recommend walking through a lightning storm. Besides, you can download songs for a dollar on most sites. Karaoke songs might cost $2.