Why Did Daryl Hall And Sara Allen Break Up?

Daryl Hall, who is part of the famous 80’s duo Hall and Oates, had a relationship with songwriter Sara Allen for the better part of 30 years. The two had an on again/off again relationship but they finally parted ways back in 2001. Why did Daryl Hall and Sara Allen break up? Actually, nobody is talking. Daryl Hall is a very private person. He has stated before that everything that he has to say is said through his music. So maybe to find the cause of their breakup we would have to listen to his work after 2001.

Celebrities go through breakups just like everyone else and the reasons are usually no different. If the celebrity makes the headlines and is in the spotlight often, you can guarantee that the media will sooner or later find out all the dirt. However, since Daryl Hall is no longer in the spotlight and leads a fairly quiet life now, it is much harder to gather current gossip and information.

We do know a little about Daryl Hall and Sara Allen. So here is a little information that we were able to track down about Daryl Hall and Sara Allen: then and now.

A Little Background


Daryl Hall and John Oates met in the late seventies and formed the highly successful music duo Hall & Oates. Their first big album, released by RCA Records, was simply title Daryl Hall & John Oates but most fans refer to it as the Silver Album because the back of the jacket cover was silver.

This album contained the song “Sara Smile”, which Hall wrote in honor of his girlfriend Sara Allen. Allen was a stewardess when she met Hall but became a collaborating songwriter. She helped pen several of Hall & Oates more popular songs such as Private Eyes, Maneater, and I Can’t Go For That.

Despite being together for almost 30 years, the couple never married.

Where Are They Now

Daryl Hall and Sara Allen remain good friends to this day. When Hall had to cancel tour dates in 2005 because of an attack of Lyme Disease, Allen helped nurse him back to health. They both have homes near each other in Duchess County, New York. Allen has received compensation for her work on Hall & Oates songs and she had dabbled in real estate in the recent past.

Besides his ongoing music career, Hall now restores historic homes. He has completed projects both in the U.S. and in England. The home in England was located near the River Thames in London and dated back to 1740. His recent restoration projects in the U.S. included two houses in New York, one built in 1771 and the other in 1780.

Hall currently has a website called Live From Daryl’s House. The site runs podcats of Daryl and friends as they sit down at his house to play music. So far, there have been several music names appear on the show such as KT Tunstall, Ray Manzarek, and Robbie Krieger.