Why Was Chris Brown’s Sentencing Delayed?

Why was Chris Brown’s sentencing delayed?

Pop star Chris Brown has been in court this week to learn his punishment for assaulting his former girlfriend, pop star Rihanna just hours before the Grammy awards this past winter. The whole saga played out in the media and in gossip magazines, and we still see stories about a possible “reunion” between Brown and Rihanna, months after the initial event. This is a story that people love to hate.

The judge in his case, Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg, decided to postpone his sentencing on Wednesday in order to fully determine that his punishment (violently assaulting his girlfriend) would include “some physical labor such as road cleanup”.

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge rescheduled the sentencing for August 27 to give court employees the time necessary to arrange Brown’s community service sentence. Chris Brown, who is only 20 years old, will have to get his hands plenty dirty as punishment that is part of a plea deal he made in June on a single assault charge.

The delay also will give the court time to determine if Chris Brown can carry out the community service in his home state or if he must do the service in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown has fully admitted attacking Rihanna just a few hours before they were set to perform live at the Grammy Awards. Brown is expected to receive as much as five years’ probation and a full six months of physical community service.

Specifically, Judge Patricia Schnegg made it clear that she wants Brown to “remove graffiti or clear roadsides”. Brown requested to serve the sentence in Virginia, which will probably be less embarassing for him than the mean streets of Los Angeles — papparazzi know where to find you on road detail.

An LA detective reported that Chris Brown attacked Rihanna in his car after she looked through his cell phone and found an incriminating text message from another woman. Brown then tried to push or pull Rihanna out of the vehicle before deciding to punch her right there in the car. The photos leaked to the Internet of the aftermath are really brutal, showing bumps, bruises, black eyes, and even bite marks on Rihanna’s face.

Rihanna called her assistant and told her to call police, at which point Chris Brown allegedly told her he would kill her if she did that. It is after the death threat that he bit her ear.

The police report that Rihanna filed noted that the young pop star had blood in her mouth and marks that indicated she was choked.

Earlier this month, Chris Brown made a public apology for his crime and for his behavior. He didn’t take the man’s way out, choosing instead to appear on a video on his website, in which Brown claims he is “truly, truly sorry”. Brown added that what he did was “unacceptable”.

Many advocacy groups are calling for harsher punishment for the R&B singer. They say that probation and community service are too light of a punishment for a domestic assault case, and point out that Brown’s fame shouldn’t get in the way of justice.

We won’t know Brown’s final sentence until near the end of the summer.