How Do You Save Money On Magazine Subscriptions?

Saving money on magazine subscriptions is one way people are looking to trim their budget in a bad economy. If reading magazine publications is one of your favorite past times, though, giving up some of your favorite monthly mags might be hard. You might even view giving up your magazine list is a sign that you’re standard of living has lowered. So if you want to save money on magazine subscriptions without giving up your favorite magazines, you’re going to have to get imaginative. In fact, you might want to try this inventive method just for the sake of saving money on magazine subscriptions, regardless of whether you are trying budget your monthly finances or not. I’m talking about getting free magazine subscriptions through Coke’s “My Coke Rewards” program, setting up a “magazine club” or “magazine chain”, or simply heading to the local library.

Save Money On Magazine Subscriptions By Saving Coke Bottle Tops?

If your family buys Coca-Cola products, you can actually save money on magazine subscriptions by saving Coke bottle tops and proofs-of-purchase, even get magazines fro free. The current and longstanding “My Coke Rewards” program allows Coke customers get free stuff from trading in Coke purchase points. These prizes include everything from drink coolers, gift cards, restaurant passes, coloring books and, of course, 1-year magazine subscriptions. For example, you can get free subscriptions to “Seventeen Magazine”, “Good Housekeeping” and “Town & Country” if you collect enough points.

Most of these subscriptions cost between 100 to 125 rewards points. One bottle caps equals 3 points, while a code from a 12-pack proof-of-purchase is 10 points. If you collect you kids’ bottle caps and a few 12-packs codes and you have a free yearly subscription to a magazine. There are even instant wins occasionally. Just collect the cap and place the codes found on them in your “My Coke Rewards” account. When you reach the right number of points, you can select your reward and start getting your magazine subscription.

Starting A Magazine Chain


A magazine chain is a group of people who trade magazines among each other. To begin starting a magazine chain first talk to your circle of friends and ask them what magazines they enjoy reading. If you find enough people who enjoy reading the same magazine list as you, then propose each person in the chain subscribing to one person each. Each person in the magazine club only buys one magazine, then they exchange magazines in a chain of exchanges.

For instance, imagine that Jane, Kim, Nancy and Brenda join a magazine chain. Each of the four subscribes to one particular magazine publication. They get their magazines and read them. That’s when the exchange happens. Jane gives her magazine to Kim; Kim takes Jane’s magazine and gives her old magazine to Nancy; Nancy takes Kim’s magazine and gives her old magazine to Brenda; and Brenda takes Nancy’s magazine and gives her old magazine to Jane, who in turn takes Brenda’s magazine. Do this four times and each person in the magazine group gets to read all four magazines, but at only 25% of the price. Heck, you can turn the magazine chain into a group activity, because everyone will naturally want to talk about their reading among their friends.

Saving On Magazines At Your Local Library

An even cheaper, though perhaps less social ideas for saving money on magazine subscriptions is to get a library card. Libraries not only keep books on shelf, but generally subscribe to all the major (and many of the more obscure) magazine publications. If you want to save money and not renew your yearly magazine subscription, then you can read your monthly magazine quota for free simply by finding your local library.